Understanding a step in a pattern

Hi can someone please help me understand a step in a pattern please? Im new to knitting and im really having trouble understanding what to do. Thanks

We’ll all try to help. Tell us what the problem is and where you are in the pattern. What is the pattern you’re following (a pattern name or link will be fine). Please don’t post more than a couple of rows because of copyright problems.

Hello thankyou. Im making a garter stich square for a throw rug. Having trouble understanding this

Work 36 rows in garter stich (every row k).
Cast off
I understand work 36 rows in g stich but what does (every row k) mean?

Im collecting the week by week books from newsagent. KNIT & STITCH CREATIVE

Thankyou again

“knit every row” is just explaining how garter stitch is worked. Every row is a knit row.

Oh thankyou! Now i feel silly :confused: sorry im learning

Don’t be sorry. It’s a perfectly reasonable question and a good place to ask. Good luck with the rug. Post a photo when you finish. We’d love to see it.

Thankyou I definitely will. Although its going to take me awhile to complete. I have a 2yr old daughter and a 7mth old son. So this is just a little hobby when I get spare time xo