Understanding a pattern

Shape sleeve top
Cast off 5 sets beginning next two rows. Dec 1 stitch at ea end of next 3 rows, then on 3 foll 4th rows
I get the first part but … The last part ??? Pls help

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These kind of directions can be confusing. Decrease 1 stitch at [I]each[/I] end of the next 3 rows (call them rows 1,2 and 3), then decrease on rows 7,11 and 15.

Omg! More confused than ever! Lol. How you get that out of that line I will never know! Then it goes on to say…then on 3 foll alt rows. So I was convinced it meant work 4 rows even then dec 1 stitch at ea end of next three rows!

Well it’s says decrease at the ends of the next 3 rows so that rows 1,2,3. Then dec every 4th row, so work 3 rows even and dec on the 4th. Repeat that 3 times total.
The alternate rows would just be every other row after that.

Thank you very very much. I have knit about 200 sweaters and I have never been confused by a pattern before but this one sure stumped me! And to make matters worst it says that this is a beginners pattern!

Sometimes there’s just wording that takes many repeats to make sense. I’ve certainly had it happen to me, too. Good luck with the sweater!