Understanding A Pattern Instuction

I have managed to confuse myself :?? with this part of a pattern.

“work in garter stitch for 4.5”/11.5 cm, ending with WS facing. bind off all sts loosely, knitways."

What I don’t understand is am I working the wrong side then ending or am I at the beginning of the wrong side row to start bind off? :shrug:

Please help so I can finish off the front side of a sweater jacket.

I hate it when they word it like that. Either use ‘ending with WS row’ or something else. If you’re finishing the piece, it probably doesn’t matter all that much.

I understand those instructions like this: Work the garter stitch rows to the length stated but end the last row on the right side, then turn your work and then bind off knitwise.

“work in garter stitch for 4.5”/11.5 cm, [B][I]ending with WS facing.[/I][/B] bind off all sts loosely, knitways."

I agree with Daylily. It looks like it means to work a right side row, turn, bind off. As it’s worked in garter stitch, unless 1 row more or less matters, use whichever looks better to you on the right side? I think that’s what I would do. FWIW