Understanding a cable pattern

Please could someone explain to me what I do next. The cable pattern is a 16 row pattern. I have done this no problem BUT now next row I have to start to decrease, it says:-

1st dec row: Pattern 13,(k2tog,k26,skpo,pattern24) 3 times, k2tog,k26skpo,pattern13
pattern 7 rows
There are 4 dec rows

question: what is Pattern 13 & 24
is pattern 13 row 13 and do I start there.
please can you help me.

Pattern 13 or pattern 24 means to work 13sts or 24sts in the pattern that you have been doing over those sts. If they’re part of the cable, continue with the cable pattern that you have been using. If they’re some other pattern st, continue with that.