Underarms - top down raglan design

I am designing a top down raglan, it is in shetland fingering weight yarn which can be a bit stiff. I am just going to leave it sleevless (meant to be worm with a turtleneck or long sleeve onsie (this is for a child).
So I am knitting 12-18 month size and on most sweaters I have noticed there is a 5" depth on the armhole. I knit it to 4" and it was just a bit too tight so I know I have to go another inch, but I don’t want a super bulky cap sleeve, it’s in garter stitch and this stiff wool and I don’t want a huge cap sleeev that just up and looks akward.
So I know from looking at most other patterns in worsted yarn there is normally 5 or 6 stitches cast on under the arm, which can be a bit over an inch. I was thinking this would be a good way to make the armhole larger without such a large cap sleeve. Would it be odd to cast on 12 under the sleeve, or even more? it’s 6 stitches to an inch so I suppose 12 is nearly equal to the worsted version, should I then do more like 18 under the arm to create a larger opening and allow for a less deep raglan increase?

I tend to only cast on an inch worth’s of stitches for the underarm area in a child’s garment. I make a gentle/shallow bell curve for the sleeve cap. Typically I will knit the sleeve from the cuff up to the underarm with gradual increases along the way, until the sleeve is a couple of inches wider than the person’s upper arm measurement. Then, to form the cap, you would decrease about 1/2 of an inch worth of stitches on each side. You might take a decrease on either end on the next one or two knit rows. Then, knit even until you are about an inch to an inch and a half shy of the underarm depth, then start gently decreasing on each side of the cap until you have just a shoulder’s width of stitches left. Then cast off.

It doesn’t have to be anywhere near as complicated as an adult’s sweater. Seriously. I have 6 grandkids.

No, I don’t think that would work, because whatever is cast on at the end of the raglan increases (since you are knitting top down) would contribute to the width of the body. It won’t make the armhole any longer, and length is what you need.
Keep in mind that if you are leaving this sleeveless, there will be no cap sleeve, so no bulkiness. If you do decide to make sleeves, maybe make them in stockinette to cut down on bulkiness.
Can’t wait to see the final result, hope this helped. :slight_smile:

but it is a sleeve cap, because of the raglan there is a sort of a capped sleeve, i mean visually to me it looks like a capped sleeve… know what I mean? Thats a good point about width of the body etc. I didn’t really understand how it worked (such a dang newb to design!).

I see what you’re saying. A raglan sleeve won’t be bulky, it’s one of the least bulky sleeves there are, aside from a set in sleeve. Keep in mind that bcause of your gauge it shouldn’t look bulky even if it is garter stitch. If it is to be sleveless, why not do a set in armhole, then add a nice edge around it. Then you wouldnt have any sleeve. You could still knit in in the round, just from the bottom up to the armholes, then do the front and back separately.

Does that make any sense?

When I do a top down raglan, I cast on 5 stitches (about an inch) underneath the arm holes and it seems to work out just fine. That’s for worsted weight. I don’t think I would add more than that inch though.