UNcolored my hair

I have a confession to make. I screwed up my hair. :verysad:

My pretty fuschia streaks quickly began to lose their pink hue, and turned red. I did not like the red, so I tried to tone them down by dying all of my hair auburn.

Note: Auburn dye on RED streaks turns them flaming red. :shock:

So I was totally not happy. I wanted pink/fuschia, I ended up with RED RED RED. Ugh.

BUT, I found a miracle product, One n Only Colorfix. [I]begin commercial advertisement[/I] This stuff is AMAZING. It completely removed all permanent hair dye from my hair in just 20 minutes. It does not contain bleach, ammonia or formaldehyde. It does not bleach your hair, it only affects the hair dye molecules. Which means it will remove [I]permanent[/I] hair dye from your hair, [I]no matter how long it’s been in your hair[/I]. It does not damage your hair, infact my hair is curlier and bouncier than I’ve ever seen it. I swear. And it’s a pretty dark caramel blonde right now, with not the slightest hue of red anywhere. :noway: Girls, if you’ve ever screwed up your hair color, don’t panic. Head to the nearest Sally Beauty Supply and grab a box of Colorfix. I wish I had known about it 3 years ago when I accidentally dyed my hair burgundy/purple right before a formal wedding.:teehee: [I]end commercial advertisement [/I]

Permanent hair dye is no longer permanent now that I know about this product. But I don’t think I’m going to mess with any permanent pinks anytime soon. I’ll stick with a spray-in, wash-out for a while. I’ve learned my lesson. [I]For now[/I]. :biting:

Awesome! I am glad that you could fix your hair! I went to the salon last February and asked for strawberry blonde coloring, and it ended up looking like neon peach. If I would have known about this … I would have been very happy.

I am glad I got it done though, cause now I know that I’m not so crazy about crazy color changes for my hair. (I’m normally a dark ash blonde.) Highlights and lowlights only for me these days!

Oh yeah…more info: if your hair dye has lightened your natural hair at all, Colorfix will not, and can not darken it. It will only remove whatever color dye is left on your hair. BUT, if you have dyed it a red color, or black, or dark brown and want to go with a totally different color, Colorfix will remove the dye so you can start over with another color you like better.

It sometimes doesn’t work on semi-permanents or demi-permanents though. So keep that in mind if you want to try it.

So I’m wondering…

My hair is TOTALLY Grey, I have dyed it for YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS… I’ve been thinking lately that I have reached an age where it might be “appropriate” to let it go aunaurale but have no idea how to grow it out.

So, if I used this product, would my hair be it’s normal grey or a funkey color???

Well I can only go on my one experience, so take this with a grain of salt…

I would think that it would be your natural gray. I’ve read up on this product and what it does is actually shrink the size of the dye molecule so that it can be lifted and washed out of your hair. What is left behind is the uncolored strand of hair. If your hair dye has lightened your hair (but probably not with gray hair) it would be a lighter shade than your natural color, but still a shade without added color tones and hues.

The directions say that you can use it again, right after the first time, if enough color isn’t lifted. I have A LOT of hair, so I used the whole box, but it says it’s enough for up to 16 color correction jobs depending on how much you use. OH… and when you get it, pick up a little squeeze bottle applicator too. You’ll need it to mix and apply the solution. An 8oz bottle is enough for the whole box.

Worst case scenario, you don’t like the color that’s left, so you re-dye it something you do like! Is there gray hair color out there?

Check out this page with before & after pix. Unbelievable. I’ll post my own pix later today after I shower and style my hair. :wink:

Are you serious? I’m growing out my dyed hair to go ALL back to natural, but its taking SO long…the last dye job I did was a very light auburn brown sort of…and my natural is almost black…the difference is obvious…and annoying!

I am really going to try this!

Thank you for that information–I’ve screwed up my hair before, and ended up using a stripper that had bleach/peroxide, etc… :pout: Next time (:teehee:) I’ll know about this!

Being a former hairdresser, I’m glad you said this…I was going to have to mention it if you didn’t. :teehee: Permanent dyes have to remove at least some of your own hair color in order to get the dye to work. Otherwise it would be impossible to get some colors. :wink:

This product wasn’t around when I was doing hair, but it sounds like a lifesaver for many people.

GinnyG… As I mentioned permanent dyes remove color in order to add color so most likely even though you are gray some color has been changed. It would be worth a try though because if you can’t live with the results you can always re-dye it.

See what I wrote above… if your hair is dark and you dyed it light even using this color remover isn’t going to help. Using a semi-permanent color is probably your best bet till it grows out. Semi-permanent color only deposits color on top it doesn’t remove color so your natural color will be safe as it grows in.

I have a question… My DD has med blonde hair. We dyed it black. When it started growing out, naturally she had “skunk” hair. After it got long enough I cut it so there were just back tips. Now that it’s grown out, she wants me to re-do her tips. I’ve never been good at that so if I mess up will this stuff take the black off?

Here’s the after pix! See before pix here!

Supposedly, yes. But some people didn’t have very good results with black. It depends on the type of hair color used, I believe. Read reviews and see before and after pix here.

I don’t want to be held responsible if it doesn’t work. :teehee: Just read the reviews, follow the directions to the letter, and good luck! :slight_smile:

wow, I’ll have to mention that to my DW, as it’s a lot better than growing it out or shaving it off to go back to natural. Ty Kristin.

Your natural hair is gorgeous.:yay:

My salon girl just told me about that last week! I had once dyed my hair black, I have blonde hair. I then wanted it stripped. :zombie: It ended up in horrible shape and orange…

Thank you, but this isn’t my natural color. It’s lightened because of the previous hair dye jobs. Hair dye will lighten hair, then deposit color. Colorfix only removes the deposited color leaving the lightened hair underneath. It seems to be a common misconception that you’ll be left with your natural color after using Colorfix, but it’s not so. So I don’t want to give anyone the wrong impression. :wink:

My [I]true[/I] natural color is a rather boring dark brown… which is why I color it. :teehee: I’ll have to dye it brown again once my roots start growing though because I hate maintaining roots. :ick:

wow that stuff sounds / looks great - hope we can get it in the UK!

Does it really smell like horse poop? O.o

oh wow, you’re hair is gorgeous! i’m soooo jealous! my curls looking NOTHING like those!

Jessicurl. :heart:
Thank you :slight_smile:

What Jessicurl products do you use? I tried them a few years ago and didn’t have much luck. I don’t know if it was my hair adjusting to being curly after years of me blowing it straight or if it was the products. I might just have to try them again.

Yeah Silver, just go ahead and slap some more pictures of your gorgeousness up :wink: I’m going to go back to my box to hide now.