Unclear Raglan Decreases in pattern



I’m stuck on my pattern because I understand how the math will work out. I’m working with mohair so it is very difficult to rip back so I am hoping to be able to map this out correctly so I don’t make any mistakes.

The raglan shaped armholes consists of an 8 row repeat. That repeat also reduces the stitch count by 10 for each completed 8 rows. Based on the pictures of the eyelet pattern, it looks as if there are 6 total sets of the 8 rows, or 5 after the first set and pattern is established.

I try to list out the rows in columns with the decreases and then total stitch count at the end of each row, but I cannot get this number to equate to what the final stitch count should be. I think this is because I’m not sure where to add in the extra decreases on alternate rows.

Of the 8 row repeat, row 1, 2, 3, 5 and row 7 all decrease by established pattern at the ends of row, equalling the 10 stitches. This also is alternating rows by nature of the pattern with exception of row 2.

The pattern is written as:
Last 8 rows form patt and beg raglan shaping. Working all raglan decreases as set by last 8 rows and keeping patt correct, dec 1 st at ech end of next and 5[2:0**:0**:0] foll 4th rows, then on foll 22[31:38:41:44] alt rows. 39[41: 41: 41: 43] sts. Work 1 row, end with RS facing for next row. Break yarn and leave sts on a holder (for neckband).

I am starting with 125 stitches I need to end with 41 stitches left on the needles. So, my question is am I alternating on odd rows or even rows and if it is my odd rows, am I really decreasing per alternating rows? I can’t seem to make any of this math workout to equal 41 stitches, so I am clearly not understanding correctly where to decrease and by how much.

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer!


Welcome to KH!

What is the name of your pattern?
If you need to go from 125 to 41sts that’s a decrease of 84sts. That works out to a decrease at each end of every other row for 42 decrease rows which is close enough to the given 41 rows. It probably doesn’t matter whether you do this on the odd or even rows but it’s commonly done on RS (right side or public side) rows.


Thank you! The pattern is Simple by Martin Storey in the Rowan 65 book.


Ah, yes. The directions are to dec at each end of the next and then the following 41 alternate rows. That’s 2 dec per 42 rows which gives you the 84 total decreases. So disregard any decreases in the pattern row (i.e. row 2) and only dec on the alternate or odd rows.


Thank you so much! I just could not make sense of that. I knew I must just be confused! Happy knitting!


Thanks for posting the question and the replies, as I was struggling with the same calculations.

IT still doesn’t completely add up for my 38 alt rows, hut it is close enough to fiddle a bit to get it right. Thanks and happy knitting.