Unclear pattern directions

I’m starting a cardigan and for the 4th and 7th rows it says:
1 edge st, out of each st k1 st and k1 st twisted. Does this mean to knit 1 regularly and then for the next stitch, knit it from the back loop?
Also there is no comment on what an edge stitch is so I assume it is a regular knit stitch. The other rows all start with a knit stitch. The other rows that do start with an edge stitch, end with an edge stitch so I assume the 4th row I am describing above also ends with an edge stitch. Thanks for your help.

The edge st is the one on the edge, at the beginning or end of the row. It sounds like a way to say knit into the front and back of the st. Do you have a link to the pattern?

The pattern is in the Lang yarn book, Fatto a Mano 182. It’s pattern 31. Sorry, it’s not online or for free. It’s a simple short sleeve pullover.

Thought I might find a picture on ravelry - several from that book, but not #31. Pictures do help. Would it make sense to do an inc on those rows? What area are you on?

Perhaps this is the picture? (Scroll down to the bottom of the page.)
It certainly sounds like an increase st and that’s what the picture looks like also.

Thanks for looking that up, salmonmac. Yes, it does look like there’s incs soon after you start the piece.