Unclear instructions

Hi, I started knitting so I could make myself a hat and found a pattern that seemed pretty cool but the instructions weren’t perfectly clear:

Cast on 64 stitches with the two colors, loosely. From here you knit two knit stitches and two purl stitches, starting with the knit stitches and ending with the purl stitches for each row. Continue until you have knitted about 26 cm. [B]Then, knit together two knit stitches and two purl stitches for one row so you will have 32 stitches left[/B]. Cut the thread off, leaving a thread of about 50 cm. Take a big needle and pull the thread through the 32 stitches. Pull the thread so you close the top. Handsew the sides together, using the thread from top to bottom. Let the winter come!

I don’t understand the part that I made bold. How to I knit two stitches together? If anyone can clear this up for me or maybe there’s a video on the site that explains this? Thanks ahead!

Look up the Decreases videos for k2tog and p2tog, that’s what the pattern means.

Ah, so it means that I’m reducing it little by little every row until I have only 32 stitches left?

No you’re reducing it to 32 sts on just [B]one[/B] row.