Unclear instruction to me. :)

I am stuck on starting the hoof and find the instruction is not clear to me. Hoping someone can help to understand.


  1. Not sure what does it mean to continue in pattern (highlighted in Yellow). What pattern I should be continued and which 4th row and such. Also what ending pattern in Row ? It didn’t mention Pattern A or Pattern B.

  2. Highlighted in Pink. How to work increase?

  3. Highlighted in Orange.

  4. Shape Crown. When to start this.?

Conclusion is I do not understand the whole instruction. :frowning:


First off it is confusing, but pattern A and pattern B are at the very bottom of the instructions. I am going to let one of the more experienced knitters like salmonmac or GrumpyGramma help you with this one the are really awesome. Good luck i will be following this to learn something myself.

This is such a lovely hooded scarf. We’ve had questions about the beginning of the scarf before.

  1. The first 2 rows above the yellow tell you where to place Pattern A and B. Admittedly, there’s a mistake in these rows. If you begin row 1 with Pattern A on one end of the row of the hood and Pattern B on the other, then when you get to row 2 you must start with Pattern B and have Pattern A on the opposite end of the row.
    ETA: I was curious enough about this pattern to give it a try. The pattern is correct about the placement of Patt A and Patt B. Each row begins with Patt A. That’ll put the cables at the edges which is as shown in the photos. So disregard the comment here about an error in the placement. My apologies.

  2. Work the increase as a M1L and M1R. Both of these increases are shown in the Free Videos at the top of the page under Increases. They’ll be knit sts on the RS rows and purls on the WS.

  3. Work even means to maintain the pattern (A on one side of the row and B on the other side of the row) without any more increases or decreases.

  4. After you’ve completed the increases, finish up to a row 8 of the patterns. Then work rows 1-8 once more. Now you’ll be ready to start shaping the crown.

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See i knew you would have the answer.

It was probably me who asked the beginning of the scarf before. :slight_smile:

I will try your instruction of the hood once I finished up the scarf part. I will be probably back here for more advice before I finish.

Many thanks again.

Looking forward to seeing this scarf when you finish. We’re all happy to try and help.

Hi Salmonmac,

Knitting is not difficult, the hardest part it to understand the instruction. :frowning:
Luckily I found part that typed out from one of the comments and help me get through the section “Continue in pattern and work increases as established every 4th row 7 more times, ending with Hood Pattern Row 8. – 96 sts”.

Hoping you can let me know if I have the following section correct. :slight_smile:

Btw, what is the meaning of “Work short-rows without wrapping stitches” ?

Thanks in advance


You can say that again. As clearly as some designers try to phrase the instructions, it sometimes come out in an ambiguous way. The pattern certainly had me doing a double think, too.
What you’ve written out looks great. It increases every 4 rows, maintains patterns and ends with 116 just as it should.

Short rows (only working partway across the sts on the left needle before turning) leave a small hole where the turn occurred. One way to cover the hole is to work a wrap & turn (w&t). According to your pattern, work the given number of sts and then just turn and start back along the same sts you’ve been working. No wraps to think about.

I had it worked up to the Row 33 (is about 5 inch tall), it seem like it will be too small for my big head.

Where is the best place to add row if I want to make the hoof deeper, where should I add rows? Because I do not want to undo everything if it is too short.

Better to long than too short. Can you add another repeat of rows 1-8 before the Shape Crown instructions?

I am not sure, and I am not up there yet., Plus I am not good at pattern reading.

The shape crown section seem complicated to me , therefore I am not sure it will be good for me to add anything there. Just not sure how and where to start adding it.

The hoof seem divided into 4 section, --> A) 96sts, > B) 116sts > C) work even > D) Shape Crown

Do you think I should add 1 or 2 set pattern at the end of any of these section (A), or (B), or © or (D) without doing any increasing work?

Have a bad feeling that I have to knit all the way up and find out the answer without changing anything… :frowning:

I feel bad asking you all this question eventhough you are not the one developed the pattern. I really appreciate all your help you given so far.

If you want to make the hood longer, the best place may be between C and D. After that are the short rows and then some decrease rows up to the end. This isn’t very form fitting however so you might see what it looks like when you finish section C. Shaping the crown is another 35 rows (12 of those rows are short rows).

For the short row section, just follow the rows one at a time keeping track of where you are. Short rows aren’t complicated and you’ll probably find that they’re actually fun to work.

Pattern reading gets easier the more patterns you work. You’ve done wonderfully well so far. We’re all delighted to help here at the forum so ask away. You’re not going to be the only person making this scarf/hood so it’ll help others in the future, I’m sure.