Unblocked stokinette stitch

Hello, I’m new to the forum and to knitting. I do not have a knitting community. It is difficult to keep up my enthusiasm for knitting when I keep getting stumped on things which I can not find instructions for on the internet. Hoping this forum might be a useful resource for me. My Question; I`m starting a new pattern that requires that I do a guage using an ‘unblocked’ stokinette stitch. Can someone tell me what they mean by unblocked?

Thank you very much for your help!


Welcome to your new knitting group, Knitting Help! :yay: We’re very friendly here and love new members and love to help!

Unblocked means you haven’t washed it and pinned it out on a board or towel. You haven’t done anything to change it’s original knit shape. Blocking can change the gauge.

The pattern is apparently knit and set up with the pre-blocked gauge so it’s best to do it that way or you may get the wrong size.

Welcome! I agree, this way you will see what size you get with the size of the yarn. Hang in there you will get it and they are very helpful here too…just ask

Just knit up a sample using the yarn and needles and measure the gauge (the number of stitches across 4"). It’s a good idea to cast on extra sts and not measure the ones on the edge as those aren’t the same size as in the middle, and they curl under.

Thank you girls! I was so pleased to get a reply from you all! I understand your responses and I knew it must have been something straight forward like that, but wanted to be sure before I started the project. So nice to know I have a recourse if I am really stuck and can not find the answers I need on the website!

Finch:yay: :yay: