Un ravelling knitting from the cast on

I have been knitting a beautiful 4 ply lace blanket for my son and daughter in laws first baby. I made a mistake after 2 weeks of knitting and hoped it wouldn’t matter. I have been knitting it for months now and I am getting to the end and the mistake stands out like a sore thumb.

I am considering unravelling from the cast on to get rid of the error but understandably I am very nervous.

Two weeks ago I discovered I had dropped a stitch and un ravelled from the top and was able to pick the stitches back up. I do feel confident that I know the pattern but I have never done this before from the cast on.

I have read people using a round needle and picking up the stitches on the chosen row and cutting the rest off. All the videos on this method are on garter stitch but my work is far from garter stitch

Has anyone any advice?

Unraveling lace is tricky and unraveling from the bottom is not as easy as it is from the top. Each stitch will have to be picked out one at a time. There are generally lots of YO in lace and they can be difficult to rip back because if you miss one you end up with a large hole and then you have to go back further. Using a circular needle to pick up stitches on a destination row works well in stockinette or garter, but lace…probably not so much.

What is the mistake you made? Can you just use a needle and yarn to try and make it less visible?