Un-knitting a row

Whoo Boy. I just recently picked up knitting again, after about 20 years and I’m having to re-teach myself all the stitches and stuff. I’m working on this “Gramma’s Hug Triangle Shawl” and just did row 19 twice!!! Guess one way to make sure you’re learning exactly how the stitches work is to do, then undo! Here’s the pattern - http://www.thenextbeautifulthing.com/grammas-hug/ and the row I’m un-knitting is (P1 YO P2TOG YO Sp2p YO P1). Hope I get this right.
It’s a bit more complicated than what I remember doing back in college, that’s for sure. :slight_smile:

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That is why when i am working a pattern i usr a safety line, which makes it easier if you have to undo some of your work

Nicky, I am struggling after 37 years. You are so not alone, and as new as I am to this group, I have gotten so much help and you will too. My first project, an afghan, went ok, project 2, a cowl, I ripped a total of 351 stitches in the round, twice and after some, I think I can, well, maybe not, I found knitting help. Looking forward to some growth and learning more and more :smiley:


That’s beautiful! All those p2tog tbl stitches are daunting.
You know that an experienced knitter has just made more mistakes and frogged more projects than the beginner, don’t you? I’m really experienced in tinking (unknitting - knit spelled backwards) and frogging (rip it! rip it!) and need to dig out a lace project I started and get back to it.

I’ve been almost done with a sweater and ripped it all out more than once. I get a lot of mileage out of my yarn.

I could make knits and purls but this is where I learned what to do with them. This site has a very special place in my heart.

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You can do this, just take your time and read the row backwards in your mind as you tink to know where you’re at. A couple of safety pins kept nearby to catch the odd escapee and you’ll get it done :smiley:
Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

What’s a safety line?

A safety line is when you take a needle and yarn and sew it through a line of your work so that if you have to rip out rows of work you can rip it to the safety line and place these sts on the needle without worrying about dropping sts. I hope i explained that correctly if not maybe one of yhr old timers csn help me explain. I dont know how to attach a u tube site but if you go to google and search “safety line in knitting”

Also commonly known as a lifeline. @trisha54 explained nicely. I use interchangeable needles that have a hole I can poke crochet cotton thread through and it inserts the lifeline/safety line as a I work the row. Just be careful about working into both yarn and lifeline on the next row, you don’t really want to do it that way. Just work into the yarn part of the stitch on the needle.

Thanks @GrumpyGramma i didnt know about thr interchangeable needles, that would definitely make it easier

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