Un-felted hedgehogs

They don’t have faces yet and haven’t been felted so they’re still a wip I guess, but they’re completely knitted!
Theseare the kids Christmas gifts.
I’ll post again when they’re felted, but probably not for a few weeks.

Nice progress. Please post pix of finished hogs when you are able.

Is this a free pattern? I’d love to make one,they look so cute!

not free, $5.00 from fiber trends. check your lys to see if they have it.

Cute little guys!! I bet they will be really sweet once they get their faces. The kids ought to like those.

Very cute!! :happydance:

Love those colors! :heart: What cute hedgies!

BTW: Your kids are just ADORABLE!!!:muah:

so cute. I love your colors :slight_smile:

Those are fun! I was completely expecting brown… love the brights!