Ummmm...Size 15 DPN?

:whoosh:Now really, is there such a thing as size 15 double pointed needles??!!! I found this great hat pattern and it calls for size 15 DPN! I can’t imagine how rediculous it looks trying to knit in the round with those things! It’s like working with plumbing pipes or something!:roflhard:
No really, where in the world would I find them!

Clover makes them in bamboo.
Addi and Pony Pearl make them in plastic.
One place to get them is

They do sound, um, a bit awkward.
But if you start your hat from the top on dpns, you’ll only have to use them until you have enough stitches to switch to circs.
And at that gauge, you won’t need a whole lot of stitches to get there.

OMG thank you so much! I haven’t had much luck searching google:cry:. I’m going to check out my LYS but I have a hunch they may not supply it. If not, I’m going to order them from

Thanks again!!!:hug:

You could also use a long circular, like 32-36" to make it; not as hard to find.

I’d be more likely to do it on size 15 circs in Magic Loop or with two circs, because I couldn’t honestly justify (and I can justify a LOT of money spent on knitting) buying size 15 dpns, as I’d probably get only one time of use out of them. Good luck with your hat :smiley:

someone here was looking for 15 dpns and ended up making her own from wooden dowels. (i think.) As I remember she took her needle sizer to the hardware store, bought the right size dowel, cut it to the desired length 4 or 5 times, then sharpened each end to a point. Amy has a video on making needles which might help too…

I bought some at my LYS. They are very nice actually. I think I used them to make felted bowls with Lamb’s Pride Bulky, so that’s another project you could do with them.

I purchased these in larger sizes but haven’t used them yet but it looks like they are currently out of stock on the really big ones. has it…not just clover but i think there’s some other brand, too…and it’s longer than clover’s 7"…
i want to buy it too in future…but may be not clover…to short for such a bulky yarn i have

I did this. Worked GREAT!!! I just made my own cable holders the same way. For the 15’s, I used an art pencil sharpener at school (the kind that has MANY sizes) to start. Then sand until smooth.

I was just going to say that I have a set of 15 dpn and I use the mainly to knit small items like those bowls, that you then felt. Beleive it or not, I really didn’t find them to be difficult to use at all. I forget what brand mine are, but they are about 6 inches long, so they exactly like knitting with plumb bobs (but I loved the mental image!)

I found them at my LYS!

They exist but are expensive. When I needed size 13 DPNs I made them myself per the video on this site. See them on my blog. I ended up with 6 DPNs for less than $2.

just realized I incorrectly linked in previous post.