Umm... did we just get censored?

Or am I just not seeing where that thread got moved to? :??

The thread got moved because the content had become so inflammatory and controversial .The value of the thread was outweighed by the bad feelings and hurt that were being generated. The conversation can of course continue elsewhere.

I figured that thread wouldn’t last long, when I saw the discussions.

so “moved” is a euphamism for deleted? hmmm

It was moved to the Moderator’s forum. We (the mods) felt that this isn’t really the place for inflammatory discussion such as this. Too many feelings can be hurt. :hug:

That’s too bad it ended up the way it did :pout:

Exactly, I’m not a mod, but I personally didn’t post to it because I didn’t want to offend anyone. I think it’s a good thing it was moved.

I don’t even know which thread it was…


Neither do I. I fear that asking which one will defeat the purpose of it having been moved from the public. :shifty:

Yeah. I guess it was one we weren’t reading…


I’ve been away for a while. What’s yer excuse ?? … :poke: Hehehe … :teehee:

I usually only read the General, How to, pattern and sometimes the KAL forums so I missed it. And I don’t look at every thread in those…

Aaahh … so many posts, so little time.

An inflammatory thread on a Knitting Forum???

What ever did I miss??? :whoosh:

Did someone make derogatory comments about using acrylics or mention crochet?

We really do need an OT Forum, don’t we? :shrug:

Gosh, I miss all the fun around here! :pout:

Had to be the “c” word. That’d pull 10 on [COLOR=red]MY[/COLOR] fire-meter.

I suspect I know which one it was and although the initial posts were fine I believed it would wind up drawing adverse views which then would be pounced on.

These issues are one reason I voted “no” to an OT forum. People talk about self restraint but this behaviour isn’t clear cut and it isn’t JUST a matter of ensuring no swear words etc are posted. It’s more complex when topics home in on a person’s religious or values systems etc.

In ONE way I guess pushing that kind of activity into a discrete forum alleviates issues in the knitting ones IF people stick to that.

Anyway, all these things take mod time and I appreciate - as all do I believe - the time devoted.

I can give you the name of the thread, and, like Susan said, the first few posts were fine, but then it took a turn for the worse.

Thread name: “Happy Gay Day!”

I don’t mean to offend anyone by posting that name, and that is the main reason I didn’t post to it. This is also why I voted no to an OT forum.

Thread name: “Happy Gay Day!”

I saw that thread but didn’t read it, as it didn’t seem to be of interest to me. I guess it’s always best to stay away from “hot bottom” issues- especially in this type of setting.

I stay out of those conversations and just keep…:knitting:


Exactly, that’s what I do. Although I’m sure the person who started that thread had perfectly good intentions, it might have been controversial to some members, and we’ve just all learned a lesson from this.

Dang it! I remember seeing that in the general, but never opened it. Ah well …
Hehehehe …