Um.....yeah a little help please

i am trying to knit this dress for my daughter and it is 2 colors i am kinda lost on the directions though cause it says with contrast color k2 *yfwd. k3 (i got this so far ) pass first st on the right hand needle over next 2 sts. :frog:

Would you be able to type out the that entire line of directions or possibly post a link to the pattern?

5th row: with a, k2. *yfwd. k3. pass first st on right hand needle over next 2 sts. rep from * to last st. k1. break a

when they say [B]first[/B] st I think they mean [B]third.[/B]
Insert left hand needle into the 3rd stitch on right needle, lift and pass in over the next 2 sts.

It’s the same thing; the 3rd st from the tip is the first st of the k3 you did.