Um, was I supposed to be blocking all this stuff?

So, I just learned to knit a few months ago and so far, have only finished some simple hats and a scarf. I assumed I didn’t need to block them because they weren’t fitted, there were no seams, etc.

I was reading some knitting book yesterday, though, and the author made it sound obvious that you should block everything. Is that true? Is it worth it? I’m scared of blocking!

:rofl: mom gets on to me for this… I don’t like to block… I like to finish something and use it… but I think most do block all their knitted items… esp. if the scarf is lace or has a lot of detail… I will block a sweater or the jumper I made for my daughter just to get it to lay right… but other than that when its off the needles its done… :teehee: I took a scarf in to WV and fingerless gloves mom fell in love with them (they were malabrigo) so I gave them to her… last night she was blocking the scarf and couldn’t believe I wore it without doing that first… :roflhard:

when I do block… I usually just lay it out on a towel… either on a bed or my table… spray it with water tell its pretty well covered… stretch it out how I want it and then pin it down…

No one’s going to make you block it if you don’t want to :slight_smile:

I only block items that I want to hold a particular shape. However, I wash everything I complete, and lay it to dry at least. I’ve noticed that washing your completed knitting makes a huge difference in how it looks and feels. It also seems to help set the stitches into place.

True, it evens them out a lot.

And if you’re working with acrylic, it doesn’t really block anyway, but washes and dries real well.