Ulta freebie tote - not spam

Is there an Ulta near you? Beginning tomorrow, our local flyer reports that they’re offering a free weekender tote when you buy 2 bath products of their store brand. One shall be a new knitting bag.

The flyer was in yesterday’s batch of junk mail, which I generally toss. Glad I caught this one. Their website doesn’t mention this particular deal, so YMMV at your local store.

[SIZE=1]I considered posting this in the off-topic section, but totes are knitting related, aren’t they?


I saw that too and I was thinking the exact same thing for its purpose.:teehee:

We’re geniuses! Genii?

Thanks for posting this!! I stopped by this morning and picked up the pink tote – it’s already holding my current project :slight_smile: I even snagged their Sunday coupon and got $3.50 off too! Thanks again!!

Thanks! Just to add if you don’t live near an ULta (like me) the deal is also available on their website. They are already out of the pink bag. So for those who have seen them IRL, is the blue one nice? Is the trim really leather (like the description) or is it faux leather?


:cheering: You’re welcome. I’m so glad you got one!

I wasn’t able to make it there today, so I’m hoping there are some left tomorrow.

I have a Ulta in the shopping center across from where I work, and a Joann’s too, guess where I will be at lunch tommorow.LOL

Doo eet! :cheering: I got a pink one yesterday, and I may go back tomorrow for a blue one. :shifty: Surely, there will be a few white ones left on Saturday…

candicane, it ain’t leather. The value is stated at $40, but I wouldn’t pay $40 for it. Getting it free with something that you’d buy anyway? I’ll use it. It’s cute!