Ukranian Socks

I don’t get to spend as much time here as I’d like. But I got the benefit of a snow day today that allowed me to have a little extra time to visit. Here is a picture of one of my latest knitting adventures. It’s the Ukranian Socks from Folk Socks by Nancy Bush. I used Brown Sheep Wildfoote Sock yarn and number 3 bamboo DPN’s. There’s quite a bit of puckering and the unused yarn shows in some places because I was playing around with trying the “philosopher’s wool” weaving techniques. But I still learned a lot from knitting these - especially since I had to frog back several times! :rofl:

Beautiful socks!!! :inlove:

:passedout:What a pair!

:passedout: OMG:noway: …those are AMAZING!!! Beautiful job.:inlove:

They are gorgeous!!

:inlove: beautiful!!! Great job :thumbsup:

:passedout: They are gorgeous

Those are incredible!! Well done! I :heart: them!

:passedout: WOW that’s amazing!!!

Incredible was my thought as well!! WOW!!

:cheering: Those are beautiful!!

Wow, those are absolutely beautiful! Wonderful work!

Those are really lovely!

Those are fantastic socks!! The kind that you just have to wear with some sort of sandals, so everyone can see them. I love the look of what happens at the ankle edge. I’ve done quite a bit of Fair Isle, but mine usually doesn’t turn out very even, and I’m not sure why. Yours looks great.

:zombie: I can’t beleive you made those! they are simply gorgeous!:muah:

Very inspiring… :muah:

Those are beautiful!

Wow, so beautiful!!

:passedout: :noway:
Those are gorgeous!!! I love the color and design!! You did an amazing job. :clink:

:blush: Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate those of you who took time to look at what I’ve been working on and your words of praise and encouragement.
The Folk Socks book has been lots of fun - and I did notice that Amy has it on sale right now in the KH store. If you enjoy socks and like trying new things, I highly recommend it!