UK Pattern Help

Hi - i’m contributing to The Big Knit this year and crocheting mini hats for Innocent Smoothies Campaign. Can anyone help me work out how to do the Wings section of this owl which is the dark grey section. I keep getting lost (Hopefully pattern img has uploaded).

Row 4) am i increasing by 2 on each of rounds 4-7 to grow to 16 on row 7?

Row 9) this is where i really lose it


image image image

I think you are correct as to row 7, you will have 16 stitches when done with that row. Row 9 looks like a repeat of row 8 and you will have 20 stitches when that row is done. Looks like you are increasing by 2 stitches in each row. Hope this helps. It’s a really cute pattern.

I count 14 sts at the end of row 7. How many do you have? I’d be inclined to work another increase row before moving on to row 8. The other possibility I see is to simply continue with 2 sts fewer than the pattern says. Either way I think it should work. Is the pattern available online?