UK patten meaning

i have a pattern from the UK and it says for yarn to use a light worsted…:?? what is that?

DK is also known as light worsted.

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that’s a bit surprising as I had never seen the term worsted at all until I started using US patterns, in UK it’s just DK

In the UK, I think aran would be comparable to worsted. In the US it’s just slightly thicker than worsted.

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][COLOR="#300090"]BrittyKnits answered a [B][U][COLOR=“blue”]similar question on the Pattern Central[/COLOR][/U][/B] thread (as did Jan). I had asked about what weight was two ply yarn.

[B][U][COLOR=“Blue”]Britty provided a link to a chart giving conversions for UK USA Australia/NZ (Oz)[/COLOR][/U][/B] That chart cover needles, hooks, stitch & terms, as well as yarn weights. It goes will with the page.

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I agree. I don’t think it’s a UK pattern if it uses the term light worsted :??

i thought there were 2 types of worst weight in the uk, either dk or 4 ply, im sure i read it.

now even more confused that ever (dont take much i will confess :teehee: )

There’s worsted spun yarn, which can be any weight, and worsted weight which is a broad category. Light worsted could also be known as DK, and heavy worsted as aran. Weights go - lace, fingering (or sock), sport, DK, worsted, aran, bulky, super bulky. In general. This page helps sort it out…

UK weights go like this -->