UK - Nutty Norfolk Knitters

I wondering if there are any UK knitters out there?
I set up a facebook group to chat, But I just was wondering if there is anyone out there? :shifty:

Oh yeah…there are a lot. :wink: (not me, I’m in California)

hi iam in the uk caldicot

Meeeee !

Hello madeyed

well what a surprise :cheering: some one else ,knitting in nutty Norfolk UK

I’m about 9 miles out side of King’s Lynn

hi all what are you all knitting ? i am knitting a jumper. sarah::grphug: :knitting:

Hello all

you ask what I’m knitting its a tiny premmie baby dress, to go with a cardigan, I struggled so with last week

if this works:eyebrow2:

009 by, on Flickr

a selection from last year , sent for Bonny Babies

at the front are baby hangers I made ,for blessings/christening gowns

:cheering: yerr it works

sent to BB 001 by, on Flickr

A full term size , blessings gown plus keepsakes

they are geoeeious :cheering: