Uhh--2 socks, and a belt--almost

I have 2 socks made, and I’m working on a seed stitch belt. I just finished a Sweetheart preemie bankie, and for me, I’ve never done anything I had to rip out more. I have FibroFogs and NO concentration!!

So , hey I FINISHED something, Ladies!! Plus, when I was down about my knitting, I bought just a denim tote and decorated it as gaudily as I could–to take my sock knitting things round in! Oh and I did another Title Picture for my blog!!

So I’ll try to upload now!

Oh–the little “tile” looking picture in my sig is my blog’s new header! And the little belt is gold done in a seed stitch , so I didn’t shoot it yet !Oh and I’m working on the mates to both socks.

Forgot to say that I’ve been in a bad state of depression for a good while and today is my gradnson’s birthday–he’s 15. When he was 7, my daughter died one room away from him in her sleep of an enlarged heart we never knew she had–so the "anniversaries tat come up can really get to you. He has had a very rough time, ut hes a sweet boy!!

My dh and I remembered the night he was born and seeing her hold that little blonde boy!!

So–I haven’t been around as much as I WANTED to–but I can’t spend much time here at the computer right now becaue of my other ailments!! (Complain, can’t I!!) Boy–would I ove to find a laptop that I could just sit in my recliner and surf with—that’s the ONLY things it needs to do!! I’ve got a PC with burners , etc,

Ellen, I’m so sorry about your daughter. It must be hard when the day rolls around. Your grandson sounds like a good kid and he seems to have a great family around him.

Beautiful work, m’dear. I fear making socks but yours are lovely.

Your socks and blanket are GREAT!! Socks take me forever and that heart pattern baby blanket requires so much concentration. I made one, but that’s my limit. I am amazed at the people who made multiple ones. The thing is that when they are done they are so incredibly precious!! Anyway, you did a lot of hard knitting and it all turned out fabulous!

Hugs to you on your grandson’s birthday :heart: I call these times “secret anniversaries of the heart” because they are so huge, but you go around doing all the everyday things you have to do and nobody else has any clue about the significance of the day. I think that “secret anniversaries of the heart” came from a poem or something. I sure didn’t make it up, but I like the phrase.

I’m sorry you have been feeling so sad.
:heart: :heart: :heart: kimmie

Your FOs are great! You’ve been busy! I, too, am sorry to hear about the things you have been going through. Hugs to you.

I admire you quite a bit for keeping up with your knitting and doing such a great job even when you’re not feeling your best. Good for you!
I’m sure alot of love goes into each of those stitches, even when the pattern is making you crazy. :wink:

We’re happy to have you around as much as you can be…and with the price of laptops dropping all the time, you’ll be surfing all day before you know it! :thumbsup:

Hi Trudy :cheering:

Love the socks you’ve made there, beautiful colors.

Sorry to hear of the hardships that you’ve been encountering, like the saying goes “God will never give you more than you can handle, but sometimes we wish he didnt trust us sooo much”

Chin up girl, thoughts are with you & yours,
Rhy :XX:

:heart: Trudy :heart:

I know how anniversaries can get to you--------been there, done that. It always amazes me how powerful certain dates can be.
Your socks and blankie look beautiful!!! I hope you are feeling better soon.

Beautiful finished items, and I’ll add my words to say I’m sorry to hear of your troubles, sounds like a rough time all round. Anniversaries are definately the hardest.

Everything looks so nice Ellen!

:heart: Keep strong and know you have lots of support here!

I’m so sorry about your daughter, Trudy. Although I don’t suffer depression, I know how hard certain times of year can be. :heart:

Your socks are awesome and that little blanket is so cute! Good job on the graphic!

:smiley: Ellen, your socks & blankie are beautiful :smiley:
I’m so very, very sorry to hear about your daughter :heart: Please know that you are in my thoughts & prayers. I don’t suffer from depression, I wouldn’t say I know how you feel, but I will say that I know it’s good to know that others care when you are feeling sad…please, please know that you have friends who care here :heart: Please email me @ any time if you feel like chatting :wink:
I almost forgot…the tile picture is very cool

Trudy, your items look fantastic.

I will say a prayer for you each time God brings you to my mind today. :pray: (((hug)))

Trudy, what yarn is that first sock? I absolutely :inlove: the colour! The new blog header is fab too!

I’m sorry for the loss of your daughter. I too suffer from depression, and I know what it’s like when various anniversaries come up. My Mom passed away 2 days after my birthday nearly 3 years ago, and it’s still difficult at times, especially my birthday and Christmas. It helps me to know that even though my Mom never physically saw or held my youngest daughter, I know that she lives through her. Whenever I forget that, Lissa does something else that reminds me that Gramma is her guardian angel. :slight_smile:

Very nice work!!

The story about your daughter breaks my heart. I’m so sorry for your loss, and your grandson’s loss. :frowning:

Your socks and the blanket are lovely.

Thanks to you all who posted notes after I posted the pictures and explained why I hadn’t been around as much…there ARE times certainly–anniversaries and holidays that do make us feel down. It’s odd, some years I do okay with it and some days are just not good. I don’t TRY to dwell on it, but sometimes, I just can’t get her out of my mind—and I don’t want to!! She was my first, my little girl–even though she was 31 when she died…she was still “my little girl”, you know? It will be 8 years this August the 20th when we lost her.

I was young when she was born, and we kind of grew up together…we were always very close and after she married and had her little boy–we were like sisters/best friends/mother and daughter! I’m thankful for every moment we had with her, and I know that none of us are here forever, but you rarely expect to lose your children before your parents, you know??

So thank youall for the warmth and love–I’ve ALWAYS felt there here, from the very first day!!!

great socks…love the yarn colors!

I’m sorry for your loss–it brings me tears. Your FO’s are beautiful and I know what you mean about the blanket…I made one and loved it but it does take an element of concentration! :slight_smile: :heart:

Thanks Cristy—I know that I’ll always miss her!!! It’s just sometimes it seems more daunting to get through the days than others!!! But it’s so kind of you to say somehting kind!! It never fails to know that people really care about others; Sherry was a very sensitive caring person. She added so much to our lives, and I miss her very, very much.