Uh... why isn't my dishcloth a SQUARE?

I finished my lighthouse dishcloth… it didn’t come out like I thought it would at all. The variegated yarn means you can’t really see the lighthouse… which isn’t that big of a deal really… but as you can see, the top is much skinnier than the bottom!

What did I do wrong? I have the same number of stitches for top and bottom…


My guess would be that the eyelets for the light rays tighten up the cloth at the top. You could block it–wet it and stretch it to shape and let it dry that way. That should square it up a bit.

Blocking works WONDERS :shock: :cheering: :cheering:

I will try blocking it. Thanks! Darn thing.

another thing I notice is that the bottom is in garter stitch, and the top is in stockinette…that would have something to do with your guage too!!

I also have a friend that knits emotionally…when she is tense, her knitting is tight, and when she is relaxed, her knitting is loose…so…she has given up. Poor thing.

Ok, another n00b question, what PRECISELY is the difference between a garter stitch and stockinette ?

I will look back on these questions with fond embarassment…but for now, I have not a clue to spare.

Garter stitch is when you knit every row. You end up with ridges, as every other row on a side will be a knit row (v’s) and every other will be a purl row (bumps.)

Stockinette stitch is when you knit one row and purl one row. This way all the knit stitches are on one side and all the purls are on the other.

The back of a knit is a purl and vice versa, so when you knit a row on the front, a purl row is appearing on the back.

So, the knit side would be the wrong side, and the purl side would be the right ?

I see you guys talking about it, and I assume that is what you are referring to…

The outside of the garment is the right side, and the inside of the garment is the wrong side.

Right ? :doh:

The outside is the ‘right’ and the inside is the ‘wrong.’

With stockinette, the knit side is the ‘right’ or ‘front’ side and the purl side is the ‘wrong’ or ‘back.’

When the purl bumps are to be seen on the outside, it’s called reverse stockinette.

If you look at most stockinette, there is a smooth side with lots of little v’s and a bumpy side. The v’s are the knit–right side. The bumps are the purls–wrong side.


You’re so helpful !

Actually, what happened is that the lower half is in stockinette stitch… then when I frogged it the LAST time and redid it (because I forgot to do some YO’s), I must have knit an extra row I didn’t need…

So, the upper half is I guess you would say reverse stockinette stitch?

I think I must have noticed this at some point and not wanted to know…

So I frogged the darn thing again and am waiting until I finish the shoulder shawl I’m working on, and then I’ll work on that damn dishcloth AGAIN…

Oh man, am I starting to hate that thing!!!

Glad someone pointed it out to me though. :doh: