Uh Oh

Alright, so no one here knows me… I joined a while back and don’t think I ever posted. But here’s the question:
I’m making a sweater, and I’ve shaped the neck and shoulders for the back. It says the pattern’s continued on the next page, but it just jumps to starting the front of the sweater. Should I just bind it all off from where I am?

Do the instructions say anything about binding off the stitches you are working with, or about keeping them live? What pattern are you using? One of us may have it and be able to tell you, or perhaps the publishers website has an errata page?

What do the last lines of the back instructions say?

I don’t really know the answer, but I would put those stitches on a stitch holder just in case you have to come back to them later.

Does the pattern mention what happens with the back later?

My reasoning (without seeing the pattern) is that you can always bind held stitches off later, but unbinding stitches that shouldn’t have been bound off might be more of a pain. :slight_smile:

The last line of the instructions for the back says “Bind off 3 stsat each neck edge once. AT SAME TIME, bind off at shoulder edge 5 sts once, then 5 sts once.”

And, it’s the hoodie pattern in the ‘Campus Knits’ pattern book from Lion Brand Yarn.

And what do you have left on the needle? 26 st should have been off the needle after those direction.


I have 10. :thinking:

I’d just bind them off.

[color=gray][size=2]I kinda expected to see that someone’s yarn had caught fire! [/size][/color] :rollseyes:


Will that work? Or will it look like total crap?

I honestly wouldn’t recommend anything that would look like total crap! :roflhard: :roflhard:

There may be a problem in the pattern, where you should have bound off 5 on each side once again, or maybe you forgot to. If you want reassurance, check on the front and see how many ‘steps’ are done in finishing those shoulders.

I honestly don’t think it will make a lick of difference in the long run, though.

Eh, sorry. As soon as I said that I sort of knew it came out wrong. :oops:
Thanks for the help though.
Maybe I’ll post pictures when I’m done. Of course, it’ll be nothing compared to the pictures of the ones you’ve made.

Don’t sell yourself short. We all started with a first project and moved on from there. Please post when you can, we love seeing everyone’s work!

Yeah… but I’ve been knitting for four years and I’m still not very good. I’m not too good at much of anything. :frowning:

[size=6]YOU PICKED THE WRONG PLACE TO PUT YOURSELF DOWN, YOUNG LADY!!![/size] I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to yell. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone has to rip stuff out, everyone has projects that they’re just not happy with in the end. Knitting is a process that evolves over time.

Enjoy it, relax with it. It’s not being graded, judged or paraded around town. It’s for you to do and to share with whom you wish.

It really does make me sad when people compare their knitting to that done by others with much more experience and time. It’s not a competition–its a shared passion.

I’ll step off my soap box now. :wink:

AMEN from the congregation!! :cheering:

It’s also a guideline in this forum:

Don’t put yourself down
examples: silly question, stupid problem, I’m dumb
We do not believe any question is silly, dumb, or stupid. We all need help sometimes, and folks here love being helpful, so ask away!