Uh oh! What happened?

Something happened to my knitting. I don’t know what I did. I had set it down for about an hour in a safe place but when I picked it up I have an extra loop just hanging there… I had finished a row so I was just going to start knitting from the next row but this is weird, I’ve encountered this before last year but never knew how to fix it… Here is a picture…

It looks almost like a dropped stitch but its hard for me to tell from that angle.
I’m including this techknitter post about repairing side stitches because it has some great pictures that show you how to separate each stitch and figure out whats going on even if its not just a dropped side stitch.
Good luck!

Hmm that doesn’t look like what happened. To me it looks like a stitch that somehow magically disconnected from the rest of them because the working yarn is attached to the left needle top stitch, but if I pull on the working yarn that strange stitch shrinks and I’m afraid to pull it out and lose a lot of my work. I don’t even know how to de-knit to it since it’s in the same row as the working yarn and stitches on the needle.

The strange stitch is the actual top stitch that should be on the needle with the working yarn in it.

Is this a better picture?

It looks like it might have accidentally fallen off the needle and the yarn slipped out. Was it your last stitch you knitted before setting it down? Have you tried knitting into that stitch?

ETA: It looks like two stitches slipped off the needle? Is this correct? The first pic points at the end stitch, but both pics look like there are two stitches off the needle.

Yes it would be the last stitch I knitted before sitting it down for a break. I’ve not tried to do anything with it, it’s on the left needle… I wouldn’t know how to knit it since the working stitch (working yarn wrapped around the needle) is the second stitch though the first one actually on the needle. The top one. I’m so confused :frowning:

Yes, that’s a better picture for me! :thumbsup:
I’m pretty sure that what you have there is a dropped stitch you are looking at from the other side.
To test this hypothesis insert your other needle into the wonky stitch, turn your work around so its like it normally is when you are knitting and knit the wonky stitch.
Your stitch mount might be off but you should see that its the last stitch of the last row you finished.
Just think of it as a normal row where you have one stitch left to knit. Let me know if that helps.

Try thinking of that working yarn as coming from your next to last stitch by turning your work and knitting the weird stitch like its the last stitch of a totally normal row.

If you already turned your work, turn it back to when you knit the last stitch (so that left needle becomes right). Pick up your other needle to make it your left and put the last stitch back on the left needle. Knit. (Also make sure to put the other stitch next to the end stitch on the needle with the other stitches so the yarn doesn’t slip out of that one.)

That seemed to have worked, thanks!! Whew!! I was going to cry if I had to frog it and start over. Thanks so much!! Yay! Ok now I can sleep easy tonight. :hug: :cheering: :happydance: :muah:

Awesome!! :woohoo:

Good. Glad everything is okay now. :slight_smile: Those fixes are usually easy to deal with. I was working on a sleeve for my jacket and somehow my yarn over stitch fell off the needle and unraveled a few rows down, so I had this giant hole in my work. I don’t know how I managed to fix it, but I did without going back to where it didn’t unravel.

Wow I’m glad you got it fixed :slight_smile: I would have freaked out. Being a new knitter I’m sure I’ll run into various problems and have to google it or search youtube for answers. I didn’t know how to google this problem since I had no idea what happened. I’m so grateful for this forum. It feels good to know I have a solid place to come to when I need help or as I get more experienced help other people.