Uh-oh, sweater neck trouble!

The batteries in my camera just died so I’ll try to explain. I made a raglan sweater for my ds. The pattern said to put all the stitches at the top on holders, sew the raglan seams together then knit 12 rows of st st with the stitches that were in a holder. then 3 rows of garter and you are done. It makes the neck kind of mock turtle I guess. Anyway, I did that but the neck is too small to fit my ds’s fat head. so I was thinking I could add a triangle of stitches where the seam of the neck would be to allow more room. I guess I could frog it but I’d rather not. Any suggestions? I could also leave it open but it rolls and looks like garter and kind of girly. I used a Debbie Bliss pattern, this is my second time using hers, and I am finding that she makes kids sweaters to look big. The listed finished measurements supposedly fit him with room but the arm holes are a little snug and the neck is a problem-2 measurements that weren’t listed on the pattern. Sigh. I don’t want to frog the whole thing, I worked so hard!

If adding that triangle of stitches would make it big enough, then try it. The worst that could happen is that you’d end up having to frog the collar, but you know that it’s an option, anyway.