Uh oh -- mistake?

Hi everyone!

I just finished knitting a hat and realized that I made a mistake! I’m looking for some help…

I remember having dropped a stitch when changing over from circular to double pointed needles, and I followed a youtube video to get it back up on the needle. However, after continuing for a few rounds, I realized that I fixed the dropped stitch incorrectly, as there’s a little “ladder” between the two stitches on either side of where I dropped it. If I understand correctly, this means that my dropped stitch actually fell through the next row down (right?) and then I pulled it back onto the needle without fixing it through the row it had gone through. Confusing???

Anyway, the little “ladder” I was mentioning is on the “wrong” side of the fabric, and it only looks a LITTLE icky on the “right” side. I’ve already closed up the hat by drawing the yarn through the top few stitches and woven in my ends.

My question is… does this matter? Other than it looking a bit funny, will my whole project unravel on me??? Any info is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!!!

You’ve picked up the st and secured it by laddering it up and then either decreasing that st or pulling it into the gather at the top of the hat so it’s not going anywhere. It sounds like you just missed a “rung” on the ladder. It it’s going to be all you see on the hat (even if from the inside), go back and fix it. Otherwise, it’s not really a big deal to let it go. Next time, just take a look at the wrong side too when you fix mistakes. And enjoy wearing the hat!

If you didn’t actually drop 2 sts, just the one, it should be okay. You might have missed a strand or two, or maybe it’s just loose, but ought to be fine as long as you don’t have an actual loose stitch. Wash it and that should even out the laddering.

If the little “ladder” is on BOTH sides of the formerly dropped stitch, you just didn’t pull it up quite as firmly as the stitches around it, and it’ll even out in the wearing and the wash.
If you do have a loose stitch right near the top of the hat, thread a yarn needle and run through some of the stitches on the inside, then run through the dropped one and through the inside stitches again, just so it can’t get loose and run all the way down. There are ways to “knit” a dropped stitch after the project is finished, but most of the time it isn’t necessary and the project will look just fine.

Thank you all so much for the help!