Uh oh....I think I reversed the entire blanket?

So I thought everything was going great with my blanket http://www.coatsandclark.com/Crafts/Knitting/Projects/AfghansThrows/LW1426+Feathery+Fans.htm

and I did the first 32 rows (the complete pattern) and started from row 1 again - now I’m on row 7 and realized its flipped (1st set of 32 right side but the 2nd set has wrong side showing on right side - if that makes sense). Can anyone tell if its supposed to do that in the pattern or did I somehow mess this up [U]again[/U]?


Yep…kinda sounds like you’ve got your wrong side facing out. Since you’ve only done 7 rows, I’d rip them out and start again (not the whole thing, just those 7 rows). Frustrating, I know, but you’ll be happier if you do. And make it a learning experience. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve ripped out rows - I just have to slowly reinsert the needle down at the all knit row. Not quite sure how I managed to do this but I’m going to inspect that first row VERY carefully when I start it over again! Thanks!

At some point you probably knit one of the WS rows twice, or skipped one and that landed you on the wrong side.

How I remember what side is what is i remember the yarn is on the right side.

The tail from the Cast on? It depends which cast on you use.

Well tonight I will be reinserting the needle and then ripping about 7 rows out [I]again[/I]. So I dont make this mistake again - I need to figure out before I make the mistake. I know which side is right and wrong by the strip of color through it - now when I’m knitting with the right side facing me - I assume that I am knitting on the right side - is that an odd or even row?

Row 1 is labeled RS in the pattern, so all odd numbered rows will be the RS.