Uh Oh, I did it again

I broke the cable for my denise interchangeables again :crying: I did this about 3 months ago with the same cord I think although a different project. How many times do you think they will replace it? It is supposed to have a lifetime guarantee. The worse part is the stitches falling off of the cord. It is odd yarn and was very hard to find the holes in the loops again. :crying:

you must have a deathgrip! :smiley: I just broke one of my cables too. How long does it take for them to send you a new one? (eeks, I haven’t sent mine to them yet, gotta get on that!)

Two seems to be the magic number…I broke two in all, too! They were really pretty quick…I think I had the replacement about a week & maybe a couple days or so after mailing them the broken one.

They will replace them forever for a dollar, as long as you dont tell them it was caused by an animal. Otherwise, they are like 4.50 or something.

The first one did come back quickly. I was really surprised. I expected it to take at least 4-6 weeks, but it came back in a week or two. I think I had too many stitches on the cable, but it wasn’t tight so I don’t know why it broke. Thankfully I had some dpns of the same size with me since I was hoping to get to that part of the hat and I wasn’t home, so I got to put it on those instead of just letting it flop. I think I will start carrying an extra set of needles now for emergencies like that.

maybe defective?

I have yet to break any of my Denise Interchangeable Needles. However last night I did have one side mysteriously come lose while I was knitting. After further investigation I realized that I was unlocking the cable when I was fiddling with the cable/needle out of boredome while speaking with my husband. :rofling: He wasn’t too thrilled to hear that I was ‘bored’ while chatting with him…

:rofling: :rofling:

Well, if they would say interesting things. I mean, it isn’t our fault if they don’t talk about knitting.