Uh o

i think i messed up. i’m not really following a pattern for a shawl. i looked at a bunch of different patterns and just did something. but what i’ve been doing is k1, yf,k,yf,k and so on till i get to the end. my problem is, its like over 300 s and it isn’t very big. so should i frog and start over? cause i think i should have k, yf (once) then k (till the end) then another yf :help: o crap i don’t know what i should do!!! :wall:

If you continue to k, yf, k, yf, you’ll be doubling the number of stitches every row. that will grow reeeeeal fast, and the entire thing will be eyelets. That may be ok, but it will really fan out.

To control those extra stitches, do this…

After your k1, yo, k1, yo… row, purl across the next row. Then k2tog across the next row. Purl across the next, then k1, yo across. Continue these four rows, but at the same time, increase 1 stitch on each end on all right side rows.

You’ll soon end up with a lacy and easy shawl. :thumbsup:

ok thanks. i guess i better read up on k2tog!!!

It’s exactly what it looks like… knit 2 stitches together; stick your needle into the frst TWO stitches on the LH needle, wrap the yarn and pull through, and drop both stitches off the needle at the same time. Very easy! yay… you’re decreasing!!!

ooohhhhhhh. that sounds easy enough… knowing me, i will find some way to screw it up! :lol:

no, you won’t! Here is amy’s decrease page; it’s the first on on the left side. You can do it!

boy am i glad i asked about this thing. i just took it off the needles and i looks like a schunchie or something that lives on the bottomof the ocean! :shock:

Bind off the stitches and tell one of your kids that you made them a sea creature!