Uh, how do I re-attach the yarn?

Ok, my first “real” project, other than safe baby blankets and scarves. I’m knitting a cute little halter top and it’s a v-neck. When the two sides of the v-neck split, I had to knit the right front first, while the left front stitches remained on a stitch holder. So I knitted up the right side, and followed the instructions, when completed, to bind off. OK, I’m ready to tackle the left front now… Except, because I bound off (binded off?), my yarn is no longer attached to my project. Do I simply tie the yarn back on near my stitches and pick up? What do I do? The project directions do not address this…

Any help would be much appreciated!


I just hold the working yarn at the back where I need to attach, and just start knitting with it. It may seem really loose at the time but if you weave it in securely when all is said and done you should be fine.

Uhhh… I deleted what I wrote. I didn’t read what you wrote clearly. Now I understand. See what the other girls wrote. :wink:

You can just start knitting with it! :slight_smile: Seriously, it actually works.

I have a trick I do, since I’m seriously horrible at weaving in ends. Knit your first stitch with the yarn, which will help secure it. Then for the next few stitches, pick up the yarn and the tail together and knit with them both (just like Amy advises us to do when we very first start a project). You won’t have to weave in ends that way.

Wow – that’s a great tip! I hate weaving the ends in too. By the time I’ve finished a project, I want it to be DONE ALREADY!

Thanks for the input. I’m definitely bookmarking this site. I have a feeling I’ll be making use of it in the future!


YES!! I do that too, the trick with knitting the tail in, and it makes such a nice join. I forgot to add that part, I’m glad you did!! :smiley: