Uh...? Help!

I’m making a little sweater for my dolls. How would I get ^the sleeve to attach to the front & back of the sweater? I’m making a little cardigan, so the front and back will be in three pieces. Would I pick up stitches there? And how would I make the sleeve round? Would I knit in stockinette st across where the shoulder is and then switch to DPNs to make the tube of the sleeve? help!

Actually…now that I think about it, can I pick up a stitch* and knit it at the same time to attach the pieces?

  • Maybe that’s not the right term…Say I’m attaching one front pannel to one side of the back pannel. When I get to the edge I want to connect, can I knit the last stitch of the front side and the back’s edge together?

If your pieces are all seperate, you will want to use the mattress stitch to join them. You’ll find a video on this page under the heading ‘Finishing’.