Ugly sock seams.. HELP!

Hello! I’m currently working on the very tall sock from ( ), and thats using 4 working needles and everywhere where my needles meet, I’ve got a huge ladder. I don’t understand why though, because when I get to the places where my needles meet, I’m pulling it as tight as it can possibly go without breaking the yarn, and I still have those ugly seams! Where my join took place is actually the least noticeable one. Is it because I knit so tight? Thanks!

hummmm…not sure…how many inches have you knitted so far…I find that some of those things have a way of evening out with the weight of the sock…

Is this the first thing you’ve knit on DPNs? For myself I found it really just takes practice to learn how to hold the needles so they don’t cause that. I kind of wrap my fingers around them when I hold them and the two needles stay together.

I don’t have any advice for you, I just wanted to let you know I had the same problem when I did my first pair of socks. Actually I never finished the second one because of that darn ladder-look.

I feel for you. If you figure it out, let me know, okay?? Good luck.

Yes, it sure is! I suppose I can try going on with it. It might not be as noticable as I think it is.

I have a good 5 inches knitted up already.

Try making sure that the new needle is as close to the old needle as possible before pulling the yarn tight. If you pull it tight when the needles are far apart, it will cause a ladder to form.

You can also switch the needles around every couple of rows…like when you get to the end of one needle, go ahead and knit one more stitch from the next on to it. Then move to the next needle and do the same thing at the end of it. That way the stitches between which the ladder usually forms rotate around the sock making it look less obvious.

Sometimes pulling very tightly can have the opposite effect @ the dpn change…u can cause ladders. Practice, practice, practice bc everyone is different. A tried and true method is tightening the 2nd and 3rd sts (still, practice is the best answer), hold the dpns very close as u make the transition from one dpn to the next. :smiley:

I had the same thing happen in my first sock! So I’m interested in putting some of these advices in practice too :slight_smile:

btw Thorne, I just looked at the pattern you are using and it looks to me like the left sock in that girls picture also has a run in it… so it may just be something that happens.
Maybe it will be come less obvious once you’ve worn them and/or washed them so the stitches resettle themselves a bit.

Something that works for me is to tighten the second stitch at the beginning of each needle. That seems to close the gap in. Don’t tighten the first one, which is what you really want to do, as that will just negate tightening the second.


I usually knit the first stitch of the round through the back loop, twisting it. That helps me.