Ugly christmas sweaters

Saw this article ( and had to share. I thought some of them were kinda cute!

I loved it! Thanks for posting.

One of my daughters went to an Ugly Christmas Sweater party this weekend. If she has pix I’ll post one. :thumbsup:

My computer doesn’t like the link…
I have my fair share of ugly Christmas sweaters. Prior to my boys being born I worked in a children’s hosp. In clinic we had to wear khaki pants and a polo shirt with the clinic logo (I was the only female in my dept - hence the polo shirt). There were no rules about my socks, shoes or sweaters so I made it a point to wear obnoxious holiday socks and sweaters - the more “bling” the better. The kids genuinly loved them and they made all the docs smile.

That’s great! Sick kids need things to make them smile…it doesn’t hurt to see a dr. smile either.

Agreed! That’s great!