Ugly christmas sweater help

I am trying to make a sweater into an ugly christmas sweater for my husband to wear for a work contest. since i don’t have time to make him one, i am planning on turning a cheap sweater from goodwill in to hopeful a tacky sweater. I wanted to start with knitting a christmas tree for the front I have found this pattern

But am not sure how to make it bigger. So I am hoping someone can either help me enlarge it or if anyone knows of a bigger / better pattern to use. Thanks for any help you can give. Also if you have any ideas on anything to add to the sweater for the most tackiness I would love to hear them

I’ve seen this kind of pattern done by drawing a simple outline on a piece of paper at the size you want for the sweater. Then cast on the number of stitches that approximately fits the bottom of the drawing and increase or decrease as you knit along, comparing what you have to the outline.
It certainly sounds like a lot of fun and good luck to you and your husband in the work contest.

Things to add? Jingle bells tied on with ribbons? Decorate your knitted tree with anything tacky you can find to add on to it? If you could find two sweaters (if they are cheap enough) in different colors you could maybe mix up the pieces from them and have different colored sleeves or parts of sleeves? This sounds like to much fun! While at the thrift store you might look for some tacky tree ornaments you could tack on (pun intended!) A felt or fleece snowman? What’s Christmas w/o a snowman?

Reindeer noses and knitted tree light bulbs? :teehee:

Google "ugly Christmas sweaters and look at the images.:zombie:

You can add little pieces of tinsel here and there. You might be able to attach battery operated Christmas tree lights on it. You can sometimes get mini sets that are only a foot long. One of those Christmas pins that light up might work also. Or try a battery operated bow tie.

This does sound like fun.

If I were doing this, I’d make my sweater look like the skirt of a Christmas tree (glue on pine needles, bits of tinsel, glitter, and maybe even a stray Christmas ornament or two). Then I’d glue on crumpled wrapping paper, ripped bits of wrapping paper, pieces of gift bags (or maybe even a whole small one), name tags, and a small empty box or two.

In other words, I’d look like the gosh-awful mess around the tree right after all the Christmas presents have been opened! That’s the messiest (i.e., tackiest) time of the year–but also the happiest, too!

Please post a picture. We’d love to see your creation!