Ugly bumps showing up using two colors

Hi Again,
I’m working a very simple scarf pattern for my little 9 year old neighbor using blue and red. It’s a Ravenclaw Harry Potter scarf pattern I found online to whip up fast and perfect for a little boy.

:?? Problem is that this is the first time I’ve knitted using 2 colors and when I add the red yarn row to the completed blue rows I’m finding bumps/lines of red showing through the blue on both sides of the scarf… showing up on the wrong side (I prefer one side of this pattern and call it the “right” side) along the knitted sts and on the right side on the purl sts.

The pattern is K7, P24, K7. Very simple. But I really dislike the red yarn showing up in the blue areas. Is there any way at all to avoid this?? Does it make any difference if I use the English vs. Cont. method?? I’m so frustrated as this was supposed to be a quick project for the little angel and he really needs this scarf to keep warm here in freezing MA.

Help please???

Thanks in advance for your advice,
Lee Lee

If you change colors when starting a RS row it may help. But let me verify this - you’re doing k7, p24, k7 on all rows? Then that’s garter stitch and the colors are going to show because of the purl bumps. If you do one row of all knit across and change colors on that row, then the odd color will show only on the other side, except for the k7 garter sts at the edge.

Thanks, that was an incredibly quick response. :slight_smile:

To answer your question, the pattern is K7, P24, K7, followed by a K row. That’s the extent of the pattern. I suppose if the sts must show up, you’re right… best to only show up on the short line of P sts.

Thanks for such a quick response!

Lee Lee

This is a simple stockinette scarf with a garter border. The middle stitches, knit a row purl a row and the edges knit every row. If you make all the color changes on the all knit rows you will have crisp color changes always on the one side and all the mixed color bumps will be on the other side.

One solution is to double the number of stitches and knit the scarf as a tube, in the round. Knit every row.

Or you could doubleknit the scarf, I think that locks the colour change into the middle as well.