Ugh. what did i do. pattern help

hi folks,
so, the good news is that you all helped me figure out how to do a 2x2 ribbing. yahoo. perhaps, you can help me figure out what i did wrong now…
i’m trying to make this:

all was going fine and i thought that i was reading the pattern correctly. then, last night i came to this:

[I][I]Row 6[/I]: Do not remove marker. Sl 1, work to next marker, turn work. 44 sts between markers; 38 sts at each side of piece, outside of markers.

[/I]Yeah, my stiches don’t seem to do this. I’m assuming I can’t fix this and need to, sadly, frog and start over. I’m ok with that, but I am curious to understand what I did wrong that my sts aren’t distributing like they should. :shrug:

Any insight would be great. Thanks in advance!

The only thing there is to do is figure out where you made the mistake, and rip out to there, counting your stitches every row and making sure that they match up with the pattern.

so, i have the right amount of sts…which is why i’m confused. thanks, though! :slight_smile:

Hmmm, did you place the markers the right number of stitches apart?

We can’t really tell you what you did wrong if you just post and say ‘I did something wrong… what was it?’ You have the correct stitch number, presumably you have kept an eye on the stitches being distributed as per the pattern throughout, what exactly is the problem?

sorry, i didn’t mean to be annoying or vague. i’m so new to knitting that i’m not really sure what i did wrong. i apology for not explaining myself better. all i know, is that now that i’m row 6, the directions say that my sts should be distrubted a certain way and they aren’t. i thought, that maybe, there is a common beginner mistake i might had made. again, i’m very sorry if this wasn’t the appropriate forum to ask for troubleshooting. thanks in advance.

i thought i did. although, it says to slip a stitch and then knit 3 sts. i was putting the marker on the 3rd sts. was that not correct?

No, I’m not annoyed, I promise, I literally meant that we can’t tell you what happened from your post that just says something went wrong… can you be more specific about what the problem is with what you have? How are they distributed on your needles as opposed to the pattern? Can you post a picture?

If you slip one, then knit 3 stitches, your marker should have been on the needle between the 4th and 5th stitch. Is that what you did?

It’s calorimetry and here’s that part of the pattern -

[I]Row 2[/I]: Work in 2x2 Rib as set to last 2 sts, turn work.
[I]Row 3[/I]: Sl 1, work 3 sts, place marker, work to last 2 sts, turn work.

On row 2, leave 2 sts on the left needle and turn; sl 1, work 3 sts and place the marker. So you should have 6 sts on one side of your marker at that point. Then do the same thing at the end of that row (row 3, turn and it’s row 4). Each row you’ll be adding 4 more stitches to the outside of the markers.

thanks. well, i CO 88 sts. so, my ratio should be 32 and 28 on each side. in between the markers, i only have 13sts.

the strange thing is, i thought i was doing it right because it was looking like the picture. i’m thinking i didn’t place the markers, correctly.

thank you. this is really helpful, since i’m about to frog the entire thing and start over. i guess, i wasn’t putting the markers in the correct spot.

Even if you CO less stitches, you place the markers in the same place as the pattern states. You might not do as many repeats of row 5, OR you will have less stitches between the markers and the same number of them on the outside.

thanks. i think, i just wasn’t placing the marker correctly…since i was slp, knitting three sts and pacing the marker on that third sts. instead, the marker should go between st 4 and 5, right?
thanks so much…

Did you leave 2 sts at the end of the row when you turned? After you turn, you’ll have the 2 sts on the right needle, sl 1, work 3, then place the marker. That leaves 6 sts on the right needle at that point.

Did you repeat row 5 fifteen times like it says? And move the marker in 4 stitches in each of those rows? Where are your markers?