Ugh, what did I do here?!

I hope this picture is clear enough, because I’m not really sure what I did here. I’m doing a seed stitch and while I was in the middle of doing my knit, somehow my needle slid off and I think I unraveled a loop or something because now it looks all sorts of funky. I tried to undo that purl stitch over on the right needle, and that one came undone too. You see how the stitch right underneath the loop isn’t really wrapped around it? I don’t know what I did!!! This is my second attempt at this project, and if I have to frog it again I’m going to cry. I’m pretty close to crying right now actually. :pout:

Help! :wall:

Hmm…I’m not sure. I’d probably tink (un-knit) a row and start it again. We’ve all done that.

Looks to me that you took your picture from the back side since we see the yarn on your left side. Now you have only 2 sts on that needle so tink those to back, and then when all the sts are on one needle tink back a few more sts and you may have a fix.

Lori, I’m not sure what I did… I think I took the picture from the front of what I was working on, but since I accidentally unraveled some loops, the yarn ended up on the left side and that’s why I got so confused. Who knows though! :shrug:

I took a break from it last night and when I picked my needles back up this morning, the loops seemed to be miraculously fixed! I was able to just knit those two loops back onto the other needle and they looked fine. I did end up with a few messed up stitches in my seed stitch pattern, but it’s not noticeable unless you look carefully. This is what I’ve got so far.

Not too shabby for a first project, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s all in your perspective. If the working yarn is on the left needle and you’re not at the end of a row, you’re looking at the back side. You must have picked it up with the yarn on the R needle and with the front side facing you and that’s how it should be in the middle of a row.

For a 1st project you did very well… Yes there are a few issues in your project, but, nothing that you can’t live with. I would not frog to fix… you have your picture and it is always a learning curve. I have been knitting and crocheting for many, many years and I still make mistakes. Sometimes watching TV while knitting I don’t pay enough attention to the knitting, ha ha and then I have to frog back… I find though if I just concentrate on each line of my pattern, the mistakes are fewer and farther in between.
Congrats to you, and keep plugging away. Don’t get discouraged by mistakes. You are not a machine, you are human like the rest of us. Crafts are supposed to be fun to do, and relaxing or therapeutic for some, not something that will stress you out.
Remember, there are NO knitting police out there, enjoy making what ever project you do.
Keep up the good work.

:aww: No knitting police, I like that!

You’re braver than I for first projects. I knitted cotton wash cloths and dish cloths. I still do them for trying out stitch patterns. They get used even when they are less than perfect…or in my case, really not done right at all.

I learned recently that before I frog, I should lay it down and look at it later. Sometimes I see what was wrong and don’t have to frog. If I do have to frog, somehow it’s not so bad when I’ve not just this instant been working on it.

Nice. Your tension seems to be coming along nicely. You should see the horror that was my first project. My tension is all OVER the place, and it’s loose and floppy in some places and obnoxiously tight in others and just random in some parts. You sure can tell which sections I knitted while stressed, and which ones happened while I was distracted!

It looks like you’re picking up the hang of it pretty quick, if that’s your first project.

:rofl: The very first thing I knitted (which I don’t consider a project, just a scrap piece I was practicing on) was pretty horrible. I didn’t realize I was accidentally adding stitches, so I ended up with a misshapen blob of a mess of different stitches here and there.

It looks like you’re picking up the hang of it pretty quick, if that’s your first project.

Thanks! :happydance: