Ugh, warm needles

im a new knitter, and i was wondering if anyone else finds it nanoying when the needles feel to warm. it bothered me so much at one point that i stuck them and the whole project into my freezer, felt alot better to hold onto later. anyone else like me? or am i weird?

Maybe you should try a different type of needle? What kind are you using?

What kind of needles are you using? I’ve never had that problem, but I am curious.

im using aluminun needles. size 8, and made by boyle. what type do u guys use?

I’ve never had that problem either, but I have never used Boyle. The metal I’ve use are addi turbos and aero. I’ve tried the metal ones with jewel tone colors, but knitting with them gave me the same sensation as scratching on a chalkboard! I gave them to a friend who likes using them.


I prefer the addis, but have used the other. No heat problem, though. Maybe you’re just hot stuff?

Maybe bamboo would be better? I only have a couple of those, but I can’t judge since the metal aren’t a problem for me either.

I have noticed that my hands sometimes get a little clammy when I knit for long periods of time. I usually just go wash them in cool water and it is fine. I use metal needles most often as well.