Ugh, that dreaded project

alright, i have been knitting a scarf since january intended for my boyfriend. I have gotten exactly four feet done and i have about one and a half more to go. i have to finish it for his bday in may (just in time for the summer! lol) and i dont even want to look at the scarf, much less work on it. Never again will i knit a scarf on size sevens. yuck!

Seems like a short scarf! Hope you can get it done!

I think that is the reason so many knitters have several projects going at once…you work on one a bit, then switch to another, and rotate around till you finally force yourself to finish the dreaded one!

I’m sure your boyfriend will enjoy it!

This is exactly why I have more than one project going at once. I usually have something “boring” and something more complicated going and I switch back and forth between the two. Sometimes I get in the mood to do something where I don’t have to think about what I’m doing or count stitches or worry about keeping a pattern. Sometimes, though, the boring projects are too boring, and I get in the mood to do something more complicated.