I’m just learning, and i’m using the vogue ultimate sock book. on the “turning the heel” section it said to ssk. when i looked at the abreviations in the back of the book it actually says slip knitwise twice then k2tog tbl. is doing this through the back loop the same thing as a regular old ssk?
i swear i’m never going to be done with these socks by the time it gets cold enough to wear them!!!

That sounds like technically what you do with a regular ssk, but it’s not how I’d explain it! Maybe someone else with more varied experience will chime in.

Good luck! I love knitting socks!

Yep, sounds like a regular SSK to me

Yep, that’s how you do it! Scroll down to SSK in the glossary and you can see a video.

okay, one more question. i just finished turning the heel, yeah!!! when i start on the gussets it says “with needle 1, k half of F”. i started with 5 needles, then when working the heel, i went to 4. which one is the needle 1? i have one with half of the stitches, then two with the other half split up. soooo confused.

If you are having problems…check out

there is great info and pictures on there that will work you through evrything!:knitting:

I agree with Sandi. Although I haven’t attempted socks yet(next on my list of things to knit :mrgreen: ), I have read through Silver’s tutorial several times, in preparation for the socks. It’s very very detailed, so I think it should be a great help! :slight_smile:

I recommend Silver as well! I knit my first socks with her tutorial and they turned out great. She explains it so clearly, it makes knitting socks a piece of cake. I have knit a bunch more socks since then and even designed my own cable socks. Silver is the best sock-knitting teacher ever! :thumbsup:

you guys rock. i haven’t tried it out yet, but the site looks great. god bless the internet and god bless you!

Be careful socks are addicting ! They are relatively quick and so many fun pattern variations and sock yarn comes in so many wonderful colors. The instructions for SSK sound right…I think I do mine a little differently, but the important thing is that it slants the opposite direction of K2tog.

Silvers tutorial is awesome too - it is actually how I learned to knit socks before I found this website. I have since taken a class at a LYS and while I picked up a lot little hints in the class, as far as knitting socks goes I found Silvers tutorial to be much more comprehensive.

I too use Silver`s Sock Tutorial if I have any sock questions. This tutorial taught me how to knit in the round AND make socks and I am eternally grateful to her. The step by step (with pictures) instructions are clear and concise, easy to follow and if you have any problems you can always contact her and she gladly and willingly helps you if you are stuck.

You cant go wrong with Silvers Sock Class!!! Good luck!