UGH! Nursery Knits by Zoe Mellor errata/corrections?

I am so frustrated! As I am sure many knitters are with Zoe Mellor. Her patterns are so adorable, but she’s impossible to locate. And by that, I mean her pattern corrections. I’ve read many places that there HAVE to be corrections and are, but they are very hard to get ahold of. So here I am, asking any of you… Does anyone here have Nursery Knits by Zoe Mellor? And have you got corrections for it? I’ve found corrections posted on a blog for another one of her books, but I don’t own that one. And I don’t know how to contact her publishing company, or the place that sold the publishing company the patterns.


I read that the patterns originate in the UK, so unless the phone number is 1-800 number, I cannot call over there. :wall:

I already ripped my entire project from this book.

I can’t help, but I understand your frustration. I can’t find any corrections for 200 Ripple Stitch Patterns and it is full of mistakes. :wall:

I found this

Maybe the lady can help you contact the author.

Thanks, I contacted her. If anyone else knows anything, please let me know! :smiley:

I finally contacted the publisher and got the errata, for those of you looking for it, i posted it in the patterns section

OMG… I just looked at the errata’s cause I have that book - there is an awful lot for the outdoor snuggle… It makes me wonder how I actually managed to knit this :?? , but I am printing out the errata’s and adding them into my book for future reference.

Thanks :hug:

Did you knit the snuggle!? If you did, can you PLEASE tell me what gauge you have for the main area of the snuggle? That’s all I need to be sure it will fit a newborn. I’ve heard that a lot of people had made the snuggle with success, but the publisher and I came to the conclusion that it’s mostly the needle size given for the gauge that’s wrong.

well i didn’t use the recommended yarn though… and I have a terrible feeling that I finally pulled out my swatch a couple of weeks ago (and by swatch i mean, one whole front side :teehee: - I was gonna make two at first), but then, I might not. I’ll have to have a look through some stuff to see for ya.

You could just meausure the stitches per inch on the actual garment if you still have it. Thanks so much for even looking :slight_smile: :hug: I started on mine today, but I just want to be sure it will fit. I am making it for my hope chest.

just measured (over here we do the 10cm thing, so it’s 20sts to 10cm), nearenough to 5 stitches per inch, which is a little different to the snuggle guage they used, but mine turned out ok :shrug: … even with all the errata’s. I do remember there were a few scratching head moments, but I guess I just soldiered on, somehow :teehee:

Oh so sorry! I didn’t notice you were from Australia! I wish we all used metric. It’d be so much easier. That sounds just about what my gauge is right now. Thanks so much for checking! It helps to put me at ease :smiley: :muah: :notworthy:

well… it may not… I just rushed up from the clothesline to say - this will be bigger than a newborn, the newborn is a bit ‘swimmy’ in it (not that i saw it modelled, but by the looks, they will wear it for a while). I didn’t have an issue with that really, figured it was sposed to be like a wearable blanky, and if mum didn’t like it too big, she could pack it away for a coupla months.

Just something to bear in mind.

Well, that’s okay. I am fine with that. I just didn’t want it to fit a 2 or 3 year old, like my last attempt. As long as it fits an infant up to a year, I am A-okay :smiley:

Thank you so much for posting the errata on Zoe Mellor’s Nursery Knits. I am working on [color=darkblue]a boy’s own jacket[/color] (p. 115). Too bad I don’t see any errata for that pattern as I am having hood trouble (in the size 2-3 years). None-the-less, I am sure I can figure out a fix.

Anyway, I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your post!


hello, i know that its been years since you posted this but i am about to start the cuddler pattern from zoe’s book and i cant seem to find the errata that you posted. is it still up? maybe you could send me another link. thank you.

This post seems to be what was referred to.

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