Ugh, I feel so defeated

So I’m teaching myself how to knit socks on 2 circular needles. I’m using Cat Bordhi’s Socks Soar on 2 Circs" book. But, like I posted here ,I’m completely stuck on the heel gussets part. :wall: I’ve tried a few ways that I think the instructions mean, but none look right. Mostly it’s the part where it tells me to move 9 stitches over to the other needle. I don’t think I really like this book. It isn’t written very clearly to me.

I have a knitting group meet up tomorrow, so hopefully someone there can help me. I was enjoying working on these so much too. :pout: Especially since it was my first skein of yarn I’ve dyed myself!

I was just helping someone with this yesterday – I think that moving the gusset stitches around is the trickiest part of knitting socks on two circs. Probably the only tricky part…once you get past it you’ll be fine!! :hug:

Have you looked at my sock knitting tutorial? I know it’s on DPNS, but it might help you visualize where your stitch placements should be.

I know I should probably do another tutorial for socks on 2 circulars… :thinking:

Gotta say that I love this tutorial! I’m making my first sock using one of the first patterns from SKS, but I’ve been using Silver’s tutorial, which I printed out yesterday, to help me with each step. I found the instructions for picking up and moving stitches a bit confusing in the SKS book, but when I studied Silver’s instructions, I figured it out.

I can’t wait to see the circular instructions, if you do some!

OK, I know that I posted an answer here, but it’s gone.

I dont have Cat Bordhi’s book, but I do knit socks on 2 circs. I believe moving the 9 distant stitches means that you should take the 9 stitches on the opposite end of the needle you are working, and move them to needle 2.

In Charlene Schurch’s book, when you do the heel flap, you have the heel flap stitches on 1 needle and the instep stitches on needle 2 - after the heel turn is completed, you pick up the gusset stitches along the side of the heel flap, and then she has you move stitches around so that right half of the stitches (instep, gusset and heel turn) are on 1 needle and left half of the stitches are on needle 2.

When the gusset decreases are finished, you move stitches around again and go back to instep on needle 1 and sole stitches on needle 2.

Is that what Cat is telling you to do??

Hoping that I haven’t confused you more!! :shrug: :shrug:

Silver: I actually used your tutorial to knit my first pair of socks! It was wonderful and so clear!

I think I may be confused even more! I’m going to have to reread the book and reread these comments here! What confused me was when I seemed to be following the directions it made everything twisted in wrong ways. First I picked up the 15 stitches on one side of the heel flap. Then, it tells me to move 9 stitches from the other side to another needle. Wouldn’t this make it all twisted before even picking up stitches from the other side of the instep?? :wall:

I’m really hoping someone @ the SnB can help me tomorrow…