I was knitting happily along on my first cable sweater. That’s when it happened. :crying: I saw a dropped stitch walking down my cable. I didn’t know how to fix it so I decided to frog it back down to the ribbing (only about 2"). While frogging I knocked over my glass of water. Which hit my pattern, phone, desk, & floor. Everything survived except the pattern. Went to get a fresh copy off computer. I went to print it. Computer decides that the printer isn’t mine, it is my mother’s. We are all on a workgroup from my comuter. I have no idea how computer made this decision. :?? It decided it had to install her printer (really mine) which froze everything since it was trying to get the files off of her computer and they are not there because they are already here. Son unplugged computer and restarted it for me. Computer instantly froze again. Son unplugged and restarted it again. Finally it is working.
Moral of the story: Don’t question any decision your computer makes! It makes it cranky and it knows how to make your life miserable (by limiting your access to your knitting patterns.
This whole mess has now taken me 1 1/2 hours to fix. I now realize that when I frogged the sweater I put the larger needles in it instead of the smaller that the sweater started with. So now I get to change the circular needles for the smaller set. I am glad I stopped to write this instead of knitting the sweater. Or maybe I should just go to bed and start fresh tomorrow. Maybe the computer will have forgotten who I am by that time. :angelgrin:

:doh: that stinks!!! :heart: so sorry!!!

Hang in there…it can only get bettter from here on out!

Definetly go to bed and start with a fresh mind!

So sorry you had such a rough time! :crying:

:heart: Hugs! :heart:

Are things a little better this morning? fingers crossed

Ok, I got up this morning and found out that I printed both sides of the pattern on the same side of the paper. Then I was looking at the pattern and I have no idea where I got the numbers I used. For example it plainly says “Cable over 14 stitches, Purl 11”. I am cabling over 12 sts and purling over 10. I have no idea where I got those numbers, but that means that I somehow missed the increase row after the ribbing too! How on earth did I mess up on so many levels. Anyway, the kids are out of school today so I have some spare time. I am going to totally frog it and start over. Hopefully I will get back to where I am now. Wish me luck :rollseyes:

Well phooey! :mad: I doubt it makes you feel any better, but I do crap like that all the time; I just make numbers up, apparently, yet firmly believe that’s what the pattern says… :rollseyes:

Good luck with the restart! sending positive knitting vibes

You poor thing! I do this a lot too. Maybe we need a name for this? Made up numbers. Knitty numbers. Numbhead numbers. :thinking:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:
I frogged it back to the ribbing. Then I decided to count the stitches. Somehow I have 118 sts instead of 134 sts! I thought the whole time that it looked a little small for an ex lg sweater. My mother said that maybe I was looking at 2 patterns that were similar, but I don’t think I have another pattern like this one. It is a good excuse anyway. Ok, I am going to totally startover.
:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

pat on the head

At least you didn’t trip over a family member and get a concussion to boot.
Remember, there’s always a silver lining. :lol:

I’m not one that pays a whole lot of attention to astrology in the daily course of things, but one wonders if your debacle was influenced by some retrograde planet? Or maybe I’m just channelling Sibyl Trelawney again. :roll:

:roflhard: Ok, there is a silver lining.

Bummer! Now this is going to sound weird, but get a sippy cup or one of those with the leakproof straw inserts so if you knock it over again it won’t spill. They work great!

This is the first time I have spilled it in years, but I do have those thermos cups in the cupboard I guess I really should get one out. I just hate drinking out of plastic.

I’ve learned, before starting a pattern, to read through it completely…
cross out (or delete from a copy to print) the size information that I’m not concerned with, add notes to abbreviations that confuse me, and most of the time make a general re-write of the entire thing. Then proceed to mess up in some other way. I hope this helps. :smiley:
KNIT ON !! :thumbsup:


hello random and slightly obscure reference. i have missed you whilest you were away! :wink:

One day you will look back on this and giggle. Or write a book. :roflhard:

Don’t count on it :roflhard: I had to laugh at your incident, sounds like something that would happen to me. Maybe your computer was trying to tell you something :fingerwag: anyway happy knitting.

Im sorry about it all… maybe your computer was jealous you werent using it anymore because you were knitting and decided to do something so you would spend more time with it… :rollseyes:

I hope when you decide to go back to your sweater it will be ok… :slight_smile:

[color=purple]I’ve learned the hard way:

Never eat or drink at the computer. :doh:

Never have any beverage near your knitting. Especially grape juice!!! :help:

And most recently…Be very careful not to knock your one of a kind, favorite crochet hook down the heating vent!!!
Particularily if you haven’t finished your project yet.
I guess that would apply to cable needles or DP needles.
:wall: :wall: :wall:[/color]

Oh no!!!

:heart: Hugs! :heart: