Ugg Booties

I want to knit up these cuties:,2025,DIY_14141_3148516,00.html

The Berrocco suede yarn is pretty $$$. I noticed that Lion Brand has a suede yarn. Do you think I can substitute? I want the booties to have some structure. I don’t want them to be all floppy & this is why I’m kinda scared to substitute. Any advise??

Hmm… as far as I know, Lion Suede is a much heavier yarn than Berocco’s Suede.

I was able to get guage with Lion Chenille for a project calling for the Suede, but the LB Chenille was still a stiffer yarn.

I tried that very substitution… Lion Suede instead of the Berrocco. It doesn’t work. Even knitting it on way smaller needles, and tightly, I never got gauge and the bootie turned out 3 sizes too big. :doh:

But… now you know. :slight_smile:

I loooooove this forum. Instant answers. Well, thanks for the replies! I guess I’ll have to shell out the $$ for Berrocco. They are so cute.

BTW Silver, I saw on your blog that you are a fellow fan of ROME. I’m so sad that it’s over!! I :heart: :heart: :heart: Titus Pullo.
Actually I loved all the characters. Such a shame that it’s done. :verysad:

I can only hope they replace it with something better… if that’s possible. long dramatic sigh

I tried the LB Suede, too… doesn’t work as the gauge is much larger and it really doesn’t look anything like leather. The Berroco one is sort of flat I think like a long leather strip.

I made the same mistake, so a 3 year old got the hat :slight_smile: Berocco suede is fun to play with at least… I liked it.

I am also planning to make those adorable booties. The woman at my LYS said she has made them and did not bother using the darker color for the sole (and that there was enough yarn in one skein of the main color). I am going to do the same thing, as it means one less skein of yarn needed.

I won’t get to start mine until summer or fall, so I can’t wait to see pictures of yours!


I made a few pairs of these now. I used the Suede…If you buy one of each color, you could make one pair with the light color as the main color, with the dark on the sole, then you’d have enough to switch it for another pair.

I also bought blue and pink…I haven’t made the pink ones yet. But the blues came out cute!