UFO's.. le sigh

I was sorting though things this weekend… and discovered that I had quite a few UFO’s that had been stashed ‘away’ (hidden = being forgotten) when: I needed to make gift knitted items and when I tore the tendons in my left thumb… (not from knitting… I’m not that fast and furious w/ the knitting! :aww: )

ANYWAY… I have them now all stored in one place… so, when I get the urge to start something new… I will at least ‘know where’ all the UFO’s are located.

HOWEVER, in my defense… I have knitted everything that I have started in the past 5-6 weeks.

SO, do you have hidden UFO’s (unfinished knitting projects) laying around… hidding like a spy from you? Do you tend to push them aside for ‘shiny new’ yarn? (not shiny as in sparkling- shiny as in: a new playtoy that has to be better than the old playtoys… and in this case the new play toy is: new ‘yarn’)

Or are you a faithful knitter and keep at the knitting until a project is finished?

WHERE / HOW do you store your unfinished knitting projects so that they don’t get forgotten?

I posted about this on my blog w/ all of the photos of my UFO’s… so, if you want to feel better about the projects that you have been neglecting… go and check it out. You’ll feel so good- you might even cast on for a new project after your visit to my blog. :roflhard:

We have a big ottoman in front of the couch, it has storage room inside so that’s where I keep my current WIP (when i feel the need to put it away that is, usually it’s on top) but ti’s also where the UFO’s go to hide. I realized this weekend that the top doesn’t want to close. Maybe I should clean it out :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe they are trying to escape… so you’ll notice them when they manage to escape the ottoman and fall to the floor? :roflhard:

I have tons of ufos around. You’re right about wanting to play with the `new shiny thing’ whether it’s yarn or a pattern.

I have a lot of UFOs in crochet.
A crochet lapghan who’s colors tend to give me migraines. I barely do a row at a time when I drag it out.
A Tunisian crochet afghan that I intend to make again to double layer it. That one has been started and ripped apart.
A combo Tunisian - Crochet on the Double afghan. I just got sick of working with that yarn (I bought a lot because of a sale).
A lotus flower afghan that I started and figured it would be a good summer project.
And a big blanket afghan.

There’s also a scrap-ghan but we won’t count that since it’s just a place to throw scrap yarn.

Then I learned knitting which put them all on the back burner.
For knitting I have a hat, 2 socks at once and a washcloth going. I’d have a sweater going but I just finished one and I haven’t got the yarn to make more in my mitts yet.
I’ll try to marathon the hat and one of the sweaters to meet the time my niece will bring my great niece up from SC in the summer and to beat my other great niece from growing and try to get the sweater done before hot weather.

I never have one thing going. I peck away at them until I get within sight of the end and then I marathon to the end. I rarely start something and finish it without picking up something else.

For the things I switching between they sit on my couch.
If it gets packed away it’s in a plastic shopping bag with the yarn. I either write down my pattern and hook/needle size or put the pattern in with it.

UFO’s bug me, so I don’t have many.

  1. Vest from Fitted Knits, made a bad yarn choice so it’s going to be frogged and made into the lacy tunic from the same book.:thumbsup:
  2. First felted purse, it’s all felted but not put together.:aww:
    I’m fairly self controlled when it comes to new yarn, my problem is after frogging something 3 or 4 times I get sick of it. I’m going out of town w/ DH for a couple weeks, so I think I’ll take my UFO’s with me.:happydance:
    Oh, and by being self controlled about new yarn I meant that I buy new yarn, but it’s for petting only until I get caught up.I don’t believe in yarn diets, LOL

For some reason, I have three UFO’s. One is a sweater for myself, one an afghan, and one a pair of socks that has a hideous amount of color pooling. Just may rip that one out completely. I pulled the others out last week,and put them where I’ll see them frequently.

:teehee: welll… I think I have a sweater that I knit, like, two years ago, that still needs to be seamed up. What can I say, the mattress stitch was being mean, so I decided to give it a small break. Turns out that small breaks can go an awful long time… imagine that ^_^;; I also have a few socks that are very lonely because I forgot to knit their partners in favor of “shiney new yarn”

Love that quote, by the way. Shiney new yarn…:thumbsup:

OMG now I’m visualizing a UFO revolt, they prop the lid open with their sticks and coming crawling out trailing loose threads behind . . . .

Eccie… I think it would probably be best… that you always sit at the couch w/ your feet or maybe heavy knitting books be on the top of the ottoman… ‘just in case’… they are successful in their escape attempt.

All good suggestions and nice to know that I’m not alone. The blue cotton sweater ‘missing pattern’ is my fault… it was clearly… one of those cases where… I was so confident that I’d always know which pattern that I was knitting- that I didn’t feel the need (maybe the pattern was in a book?) to keep the pattern w/ the yarn. Sigh…

However, the others w/ missing patterns … I can blame on the moving guys… *and they aren’t here to defend their actions, right?

All of these knitted projects (yarn/started project/needles/pattern) were together in their own ‘fancy pants’ plastic bag (ok, just a regular plastic bag) tied so carefully at the top w/ a fancy designer knot… (ok, just a regular knot) when they packed up for a move for me a few years back… and, I think that they opened up the bags… dumped everything… but, not in the same box and maybe some boxes went to STORAge? It’s all I can figure out.

But, that would only account for two UFO’s out of the huge collection. Yep, if you want to feel better about any ‘delayed’ knitting that you have… just go and read about my situation.:knitting: :roflhard: :knitting: :roflhard: :roflhard: :knitting: :knitting: :knitting:

I think I have LOSNY… The [B]lure of shiny new yarn[/B]

Maybe I can get government funding and quit my teaching job and become a millionare from the ‘funding advance’ and do research about the ‘lure of shiny new yarn’ and it’s affect on knitters and the various forms that it entails??

I mean after all a few years ago… millions and millions AND A FEW YEARS were spend to get the final decision that ‘smaller class size’ meant improved learning for students. Duh… you could have asked ANY SCHOOL TEACHER THIS AND RECEIVED THE SAME ANSWER.