UFO sweater, nearly FO!

I figured out how to use my phone to take a picture and then get it to the computer!

A sweater for my DD. Top down, no pattern, making it up as I go along. The cotton yarn color is called Billowing Blues. I have silvery looking buttons for it, I have to find out the best way to sew them on. It’s waiting for the final fitting before I do the last weaving in of the yarn ends on the sleeves. Bottom and cuffs are double seed stitch. I made the cuffs long enough that she can have them down over her hands (her hands are always cold and it can be dangerous for her) or fold them back if she prefers. Thanks for looking!

I’m sure that picture can be rotated but I don’t know how. I think the size is OK, let me know if it’s too big and I’ll try to fix it.

Love the sweater! And I’m impressed that you didn’t use a pattern. It’s spectacular. The subtle colors are very eye-pleasing and calming, too.

I hope it fits and can be worn soon–okay, maybe this fall!!

Wow, neat sweater. Impressed you used no pattern. I am strictly a pattern girl all the way around so am always amazed at you ladies who design your own.

Ah, billowing blues! Beautiful sweater and a success on two counts: cell phone photo and well knit sweater. DD will look fabulous and be warm.

What a marvelous sweater GG! Your DD will love it!!! :cheering:

Lovely! I would love to be able to knit without a pattern. Good job on sweater and photo!

Can’t imagine being able to do something like this - with our without a pattern! WTG!

It looks so nice!!! You’re so resourceful!

Thanks for all the kind words, everybody! :hug: :muah: I’ve gotten only wonderful encouragement and help here. If it really is that good, you all have had a part in it. Not using a pattern is more desperation than anything else, I just have a heck of a hard time with patterns and get lost and confused way too often. I can understand the instructions, but somehow something just gets mixed up in the old noggin. Working with proportions and fitting from the top down makes sense to me somehow and I can understand it. Anyhow, it’s done now, my SIL took a picture and I’ll have to resize it before I post it here. I just got back from a week with my sister who had spinal fusion surgery and weird side effects from pain meds and muscle relaxers, then an evening with my DD who had a reaction to her medication, and I found out the photo is too large. I know there are links to help me but I think I’d better wait for tomorrow.

ETA – BTW sister and daughter are both doing well now.

Didn’t know it was even possible to knit without a pattern! Well done!

It’s done! The colors remind me of the sky here in Western Washington.

I think it was Sue who suggested that sewing on the completed front bands would be a pita and I agreed. I picked up and knit garter stitch and did eyelet buttonholes. Once I finally got the spacing right on the buttonholes* … piece of cake! Garter stitch around the neck. She tried it on several times as it was in progress so the fit is to her liking. Thank you, one and all, for making it possible.

*For me the one ugly truth about knitting is that being able to figure out some basic math helps immensely and math and I just don’t mesh.

Thank you.

Anything is possible, it’s just that sometimes we reach the destination in different ways. I keep working with patterns and I can do it, it just requires such concentration that it makes my head hurt. If you successfully knit with patterns and like what you do, what else matters? I trust your realize by now that there really is only one right way to knit and [I][B]that’s the way the works best for you! [/B][/I] If knittin’ ain’t fun, knittin’ ain’t for me.