UFO, need your opinion

This is done with the Bernat Baby Sport Yarn in a light blue, white, aqua color combination. Before I finish this thing, I want to know your opinions. Do you think this would be too girly for a newborn boy baby?

JTLYK, I am not a crocheter, but I use the Bernat Baby Sport Yarn a lot (I love the blue combination!). Depending on what it is, I don’t think it would be too girly. If you end up thinking it’s too girly for a boy, you could keep it if you ever need it for a girl. HTH.

Hmmmm . . . I love the colors for a newborn boy, and I like the top part of the shirt, too–perfect for a little guy.

However, I’m wondering about the lace and the scallops along the bottom. Those do look kind of girly to me. I’m not sure, but maybe switching out the scallops with a plainer edging might make it look less girly? Maybe use single crochets across the bottom?

I hope some other folks will chime in (and disagree with me if necessary).

It’s a lovely little top, that’s for sure!! Your crochet skills are coming along nicely. I hope you’re having some fun with it!!

As the mother of boys, I’d have [I]loved[/I] having this little sweater when they were babies. Who wouldn’t? It’s going to be lovely and it’s for a baby, right? If you were making it for a 12-year old boy, I’d say, better rethink this, but not for a newborn.
Can’t wait to see the finished item.

It depends on the parents. Some would consider it feminine and I agree that a smooth edge would help that. Some ‘boyish’ buttons and a boyish hat would help, too.

Yah, I’m thinking plain on the bottom, too. I found a great Tire Tread crochet pattern on Youtube and went nuts with it. It’s much better for a blanket I’m doing.